The Daughter of a Yuki-Onna Picture

Title: The Daughter of a yuki-onna; Yukiko
Characters: Arakawa Yukiko AKA Nezumi
Artists Comments: This is my drawing of my character Arakawa Yukiko for a role-play of mine on Doll Wizard. The role-play is called Half-Enchanted.

Character Info:

Name: Arakawa Yukiko “Nezumi ”
Age: 20
Race: Yukiko is one half yuki-onna and one half human.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Yukiko is asexual but this will change in time.
Birthday: December 30th
Occupation: N/A
Kingdom: Formen
Eye Color: Yukiko's eyes are a deep maroon.
Hair Color: Yukiko's hair is of a silver, white but when she was younger it was of a dark black. It changed when she developed a small amount of her yuki-onna powers.
Tattoos: None as of yet.
Piercings: Yukiko's earlobes are pierced as well as the cartilage of her ears.
Yukiko is the seventh daughter of Minokichi and a yuki-onna named Oyuki and the stepdaughter to a woman named Aoi. Her mother left when her father Minokichi broke his promise to her years ago, to tell no one about her when she spared his life. When he broke this promise Yukiko lost her mother as her mother had to leave; if Minokichi hadn't told a soul Oyuki could have lived and died as a mortal woman, but it wasn't meant to be.
As the years went by Yukiko became the mother figure even though she was the youngest daughter. She took on all the responsibility she could and had rarely any time for herself at all because of it. When she did get time to herself she felt nervous, and scared it was like her body was telling her to stay around the human influence, to keep busy.
Then on the festival day of Ōmisoka Yukiko had a lot of time to herself and went to the festival with her family. When she was there she met this boy named Hideki who went with her everywhere, seeing as this was the first boy to show interest in her she was thrilled. Then, all to soon for her liking, it was time for her to go home. She kissed the boys cheek quickly and turned to leave but was stopped when she realized, his cheek was cold as ice. Turning around quickly she let out a shriek and her father came running, she had turned Hideki into a pillar of ice!
From then on her father kept her hid away and from all males, even her own brothers. This was for her own protection he said because he didn't want her to be branded as a witch and killed. But over time this lessened and she was allowed to go about her daily life as surrogate mother to her family. Many boys came calling during this time but her father sent them all away saying no mere mortal should have his youngest daughter as wife.
Finally, when Yukiko was eighteen Minokichi remarried to this lovely woman named Aoi. Aoi was quite a beauty to behold; short, black hair, red, pout-y lips, high eyebrows, delicate features and she came from a highly prominent and rich family in the village. She was given in marriage to Minokichi because he was the only man in the village who would readily accept a soiled woman such as Aoi and for taking Aoi he was given a large sum of money and an estate to himself.
When Aoi was seventeen an elder's son from a neighboring village went and asked for Aoi's hand in marriage. Aoi's father, very proud of this, said yes and sent Aoi off to be married to the boy. But sadly things weren't exactly right.
Aoi was married for over four years and over those years failed each and every year to produce a child so finally her husband left her saying he need an heir not a beautiful wife. She became the disgrace of her family, falling into a deep depression that no one could lift her out of. Seeing this her father offered Aoi's hand in marriage to anyone who wanted a non-virgin wife; Minokichi took the offer and thus lifted his family in status.
When Aoi went to live with Minokichi and his family she noted the young girl who seemed to be doing a lot of the mothers chores and decided she liked the girl; the girl turned out to be Yukiko. As time went by Aoi and Yukiko developed quite a loving mother and daughter relationship.
Aoi taught Yukiko to read and other lady-like duties and Yukiko slowly and surely opened up to her stepmother. Yukiko told her stepmother about how she turned Hideki into ice and that her mother had left strangely one day. Also Yukiko explained that she felt so alone and cooped up inside this place- all she wanted was a chance to love another being.

Unlike her mother, her siblings, her father, or her stepmother Yukiko “Nezumi” is timid, kind-hearted, shy, easily frightened and always scampering about. She cannot stand to stay still or even sleep for long periods of time and thus has developed insomnia. She is called “Nezumi” or “Mouse” because of all this.
She has been this way even before she developed her yuki-onna abilities and it concerned her mother who knew her seventh daughter would gain the abilities of a yuki-onna. And none of these personality traits fit with a person who is to become a yuki-onna. So her mother sealed away a majority of Yukiko's abilities till Yukiko personality would become more cold and outgoing instead of warm and introverted.
Now Yukiko is past a marriageable age and lives with her father, stepmother, and younger siblings. This has caused Yukiko to become a bit bitter but only towards her six elder sisters who actually had a chance at being married and starting a family. But over time this bitterness will hopefully change.
Story:The legend of the yuki-onna.

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