Imagined Ornamentations Picture

These are ideas for a tattoo I'm hopefully getting (so long as the winds of fortune continue to blow in the direction they have been tending in), with the larger image at right being the one I'm most heavily leaning towards. Starting at left:

"The Eye of God". Not really "god" in the Abrahamic sense, at least not when taken literally, but in the sense of "that cosmic background-impetus which is manifest in all repetitive kinetic phenomena, from thought and emotion to the winds and tides". The eight-pointed star is found in both Islam and Hinduism, in Islam it has a circle at the center and is called "Rub al Hizb", it is used to separate thematically different parts of the Qu'ran and also to end verses of poetry. In Hinduism it is the Star of Lakshmi, and as such it is symbolic of prosperity and the many different aspects of the goddess which represent various types of prosperity. The eye in the middle is meant to represent "the inner eye", and not the "all-seeing eye" that shows up on the American dollar bill. My conception of divinity emphasises the synonymy between the outer background-impetus and the inner world of the mind, so... yeah. The stuff around the star is just there to look fancy
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