Save my Dolphine Picture

another piece done at work. different day, though. I wanted something with a bit of a different story under tone. I mean, mermaids and other mythology are practically my forte, but the challenge I like to present myself is drawing them in ways you don't normally see them. Like seriously, how often do you see a male mermaid or male harpy? you just don't. Or a female centaur - another rare one there.

anyways, this became a bit more extravegant than I meant for it to become, but I still like it. Someone was asking me if it was meant to become a tattoo - which I was flattered that he'd assume that.

the interesting debate though is the fully outstretched figure in the center. is he a man or woman to you?

I know what I meant to happen, but I want to see where I need work on my anatomy.
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