Persona: Goddess Ma'at Picture

Okay, for those of you who have never played a game from the Persona franchise...I suggest you do. They are amazing.

Anyway, basically a persona is "your other 'true' self" and in the game they take the form of various figures from mythology, although they look like machines or dolls instead of like the actual god, goddess, or beast they represent. Each persona is assigned to one of the keys of the major arcana in tarot cards. Persona are then summoned by their master by means of cards or guns (depending on which game you play) and used to combat shadows, which represent the ugly, hidden sides of ourselves.

The Egyptian goddess of justice Ma'at would be my persona if I was so lucky as to have one. Her arcana would obviously be Justice (also my arcana because I am a Libra). She uses Wind, basic Light, and Almighty magic.

Persona (c) Atlus
Ma'at (c) The Ancient Egyptians
Ma'at Persona (c) me
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