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hahahaha how do wendigo anatomy

Name: Dago (short for Windago, an alternate spelling of wendigo.)

Gender: Female

Species: Wendigo

D.o.b.: December 21

Age: 507 years

Height: 6'6

Weight: 213 lbs

Eyecolour: Black / White and blue iris

Haircolour: Platinum blondish and a blue tint

Name of Star: Atka ("guardian spirit")

Orientation: Gray asexual

* A very strong protector personality
* Quiet, can come off as cold
* Fiercely loyal
* Tough to really reach
* Hates to waste time
* Shy eater (because of her species)
* Her protecting instinct almost gives her a sort of maternal appeal

* Raw meat
* Sparring
* Mountains/snow
* People keeping their word
* Hunting

* Hot weather
* Being talked back to
* Wasted food
* Untrustworthy people

* When highly provoked, can turn into the extremely violent wendigo of lore (a ghostly mountain figure that will drag prey/opponents along, forcing them to run until their feet bleed and then they disappear with them and get eaten and blah blah).

* Once in the legendary form, she cannot control herself and is prone to go for anything around her. This form does not wear off for three days. Also it renders her extremely weak for a few days afterward.
* If she doesn't eat suitable meals for a long enough time, she can be starved to death.
* Shamans/witch doctors/etc. can control her since she was summoned from one. So she tries to stay away from those kind of peeps.

History: Dago has a pretty boring past. She was originally summoned from an unknown shaman, then released on a small indigenous village. From then on, she roamed Northern America (Canadian regions) for hundreds of years and lived just to feed her constant hunger. As she grew older and her mind developed more, she began to question her existence. She stumbled across another village and, instead of caving into her hunger, observed them from a safe distance and tried to understand their ways and philosophies over many years of generally getting closer to the people. Eventually, she became something of a guardian for them, even though she was considered a monster in their folklore. An incident with another, larger wendigo that resulted in the destruction of the village and people made her calloused and she returned to wandering. She still doesn't understand her existence.

Dago met Howie by finding shelter in the same cavern while waiting out a blizzard. His star interested her and as she began to ask about it, she discovered his power with stars and wishes. He created a small star for her which she named Atka and wished for it to take her somewhere were she would no longer have to be the monster the myths depicted her as, and how to learn to control herself. Howie left when the blizzard died down and she left the cavern to begin the journey to fulfill her wish shortly after.

* As a wendigo, Dago is constantly hungry and has an extremely strong urge to just constantly kill and eat. The longer she goes without eating, the thinner and weaker she becomes.
* She covers her mouth with a scarf because it is huge and scary and toothy and extremely grotesque. She doesn't like to come off immediately as an enemy or enforce the bad rap her species has.
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