Favorite Pokemon of each type per generation Picture

Incomplete, but I figured I'd go ahead and upload the incomplete version and then go back in and update it with new things as I finish them, since it will take a looooong time to fill this whole thing out.

Also, I can't remember where I actually got the template, but I do know that it's floating around here on DA somewhere...

The sprites here were made from scratch in the OHRRPGCE's built-in enemy sprite editor. A lot of the 1st- and 2nd-gen ones were made completely from memory (didn't even look at a picture of the Pokémon while making them), so some details may be slightly off here and there.

Oh, and you'll have to download/full-view to see this very well, unless you have a hugenormous screen that can fit an 1860 pixel image across it.

Some comments on my choices, and other random things:

Lickitung: I've always liked this one. I despise Lickilicky, however. Strangely, it seems to actually get less hate from Internet people than the other 4th-generation "new evolutions for old Pokémon" critters do... which makes NO SENSE to me. >_<

Charizard: I actually had a hard time deciding what my favorite 1st-gen Fire-type was... because I've never been a really huge fan of Fire-types in general, so none really stuck out to me as the obvious choice. There were several I was considering (Charizard, Magmar, and Flareon) but Charizard won out due to the fact that I recently discovered that I can draw one from memory fairly well now despite having basically no practice whatsoever drawing Charizards.

Victreebel: ...has been my favorite Pokémon pretty much ever since I first saw its picture on the Internet before Red/Blue even released.

Magneton: Raichu was almost here, but I've always liked the odd robot-like Pokémon.

Jynx: I didn't really notice until I tried to figure out what to put here that most of the 1st-generation Ice-types are really kind of bland. Either that, or they feel "more like Water-types" so it would seem kind of weird to put one of them here (...especially since Cloyster might end up in my Water-type slot for this generation, and I'm not doubling up on any species here.) Jynx is one of the only exceptions to both of those, plus it's just such a weird critter. I wonder why Magmar and Electabuzz both got evolved forms but Jynx never did...

Hitmonlee: Has been my favorite Fighting-type for quite a while, and has always been my preferred "Hitmonsomething."

Muk: My take on Muk as a species is basically that the "arms" are temporary. The Muk in its natural state is just a big pile of purple goo with eyes and a mouth; it only forms arms out of some of its goo when necessary. Why only ever one or two arms? Well, any more than that and the arms would need to be really small, or it'd start to run out of goo and be spread too thin to keep itself solid and that just wouldn't be good for the thing at all.

Mewtwo: Would also qualify for "favorite legendary Pokémon" if I was doing the one that had a separate slot for them.

Haunter: Not a lot of possible choices for 1st-generation Ghost types, but I've always liked the floaty-hands and the fact that it actually looks like it should have Levitate (...unlike Gengar.)

Dragonair: Not as runty-looking as Dratini. Not as Barney-like as Dragonite. That's... about all there is to say here. XD

Dunsparce: I've always liked this thing. And I hate how most people draw it TINY, as if it were only a foot or two long rather than 4'11"...

Magcargo: Kind of a hard choice, again--as mentioned above, most Fire-types aren't really all that exciting to me so it's hard to pick out my favorites. That said, I do like snails/slugs, so a lava snail/slug is far less boring than most Fire-types!

Ampharos: Electric is one of those types like Fire that just... is kinda there, for me. I don't really really like many Electric-types, probably at least partially because nearly half of them are Pikachoids. Ampharos has been one of my favorites for a while, though (...and it's so strange when people are like "why's it turn into a Dragon type, it ain't a dragon!1!?" when talking about its Mega form... even though it resembles a dragon a lot more than half of the actual Dragon-types. XD)

Swinub: ...pugger. XD

Heracross: One of my favorite bugs. I was really having trouble figuring out what the heck to put in the Fighting-type slot for the second generation, since there really aren't many--I could only think of Hitmontop and Tyrogue off the top of my head, and though they're okay neither of them is really one of my favorites. Then I remembered that I'd put Shuckle as my favorite Bug-type, which meant Heracross had to go here.

Quagsire: Is probably more my favorite 2nd-generation Water-type, but I also like it more than any of the other Ground-types in the set, so I put it here so Octillery could be on the list too.

Unown: I see these show up in people's "least favorite" lists so often... I bet I'm one of only a handful of people to have them on their FAVORITE Pokémon list instead. XD

Shuckle: For the last time--it's not a turtle, dammit!

Pupitar: Originally I had planned to have Pupitar here because I was going to put Tyranitar in the Dark-type slot instead. As you can see from the Dark-type slot, though... that changed between updates. XD

Umbreon: Much like Charizard, I recently found that I can draw an Umbreon without using an official picture as a reference at all, and it'll actually turn out looking like an Umbreon. Though I messed up one of the feet (I'll have to go back and fix it in the next update.) Also, I suspect Umbreon was originally intended as a Poison-type Eevee evolution before they came up with Dark, due to its unusual lack of the usual Dark-type defining features--"this critter is sneaky/criminal-like/fights dirty/etc." descriptions in the Pokédex entries--and also an entry talking about it having poisonous sweat (...despite the fact that it doesn't naturally learn a single poison-related move.)

Kecleon: A member of the "Why Are We Never Shown On All Fours" club, alongside Typhlosion and various other technically-not-bipedal Pokémon. Trying to draw this one as a biped was coming out really awkward so I decided to make my Kecleon crawling around like a regular lizard instead.

Breloom: I've always liked these things... no matter how much the "competitive battling" crowd wants to ruin them for me with their horribly overpowered Technician ability + Bullet Seed combination (...seriously, WHY did they change Bullet Seed to be the same power as Spike Cannon and Rock Blast...? that's almost as dumb as when they changed Outrage's power to 120, apparently not realizing that would make half of the dragons overpowered.)

Regice: Shouldn't it be Regiice? I know the Japanese name is spelled in such a way that the i in "Regi" and the i in "Ice" are pronounced separately (re-ji-a-i-su, not re-ja-i-su), so it's a bit odd that they chose to spell it with only one I in English... makes it look like "Regis." Regice Philbin. XD

Altaria: While I've never liked that it randomly became Dragon-type despite being so obviously a FREAKING BIRD and also one of the first viable candidates for a pure Flying type Pokémon (along with Rayquaza--I mean come on, it's the wind-elemental counterpart to Kyogre and Groudon and NEVER LANDS, for crying out loud!), I do like its design overall. Its "Mega" form *losing* the Flying type in favor of *cough* *gag* *vomit* Fairy was just plain wrong. If they really wanted to shoehorn Fairy in there somewhere, it should've changed from Dragon/Flying to Fairy/Flying or something instead, rather than losing the only type that made sense for it in favor of a SECOND not-making-sense type...

Chimecho: I've always liked this little thing. Though apparently it was intended to be one of the "cute" Pokémon it always came across as more of a weird almost alien-like thing to me. My first impression of it (seeing this random little thing at the very end of the Ruby/Sapphire Pokédex... at least according to the order they're programmed into the game) probably influenced that somewhat.

Shedinja: The only Ghost-type that may actually qualify as undead--it's a dead bug shell! I've found this thing really interesting even before I saw it, since the first time I heard about it was when someone took a look at the data of Ruby/Sapphire shortly after they released in Japan and mentioned that there was a Bug/Ghost type with a base HP stat of 1. Nobody suspected that it would have had a maximum HP of 1, though!

Nosepass: It's a rock with a magnetic nose! And to me, Nosepass's ears will forever be ONLY ears. I really hate the idea of them actually being arms...

Sableye: It's Gollum. Seriously, this is basically the Pokémon version of Gollum.

Metagross: Possibly my favorite Steel-type ever, not just in the 3rd generation.

Heatran: Not just my favorite 4th-gen Fire type, Heatran is probably my favorite Fire-type of all time. It's basically the polar opposite of the boring Fire-types (you know, the "some normal critter but with FLAMES on it!" kind.)

Gastrodon: I've liked these guys ever since I first played Diamond. They have such a goofy sound, and they're big squishy sea slugs! I drew the West version because that's the one I trained in the game, but I like both of them pretty much equally.

Rotom: What Heatran is for the "typical" Fire-type, Rotom is for the "typical" Electric-type. It's just so much more interesting than just Yet Another Furry Little Mammal With Electrical Cheek Sacs.

Shaymin: Note--not sky form! Land form (planty hedgehog) only! I've seen some fanart of the sky form that makes it look more tolerable, but all the official sprites/artwork make it look obnoxious (in that "14-year-old punk who thinks he's some super awesome hero but really kind of sucks" kind of way, like Sora from Kingdom Hearts but trading some of his cluelessness for a little extra jerkishness) and kind of awful.

Stunky: Has one of the funniest names and designs of all Pokémon. It's a BUTT-FACED SKUNK. (Skuntank is good too, but Stunky has the benefit of being easier to draw and having a funnier name.)

Chatot: It's just hilarious that there's a Pokémon that can attack by imitating a human belch, or by screaming "FNRRF!?" or even "MUTHAFUCKA!" at its opponents.

Vespiquen: Looking back on things, it's kind of annoying to me now that Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill are always portrayed as "hive" bees when they're much closer to solitary bees. Now THIS is a hive-type bee. Also, they have grubs in their lower body "nest dress." Not full-grown flying Combees, but grubs. Yep, "larval Combee" is something that exists but is not treated as a separate Pokémon in-game, basically proving a semi-old theory I had that the "normal animals" (small fish and bugs) mentioned in Pokédex entries are actually just Pokémon so small that nobody has bothered to study them like their larger and more spectacular relatives. A lot like how the general public in real life doesn't know much about microscopic or other very small life, but everyone knows about elephants and lions and tigers and whales and such. (Now, the recurring "African elephant"references in some of the first-generation Pokédex entries, on the other hand... yeah, until they make a Pokémon game with an African region that has a Water-type elephant or something along those lines, that's just random nonsense. XD)

Drifloon: Ghostyballoons!

Giratina: Holy crap this thing turned out HUGE. The Metagross almost ran into the borders, but Giratina's wings busted right out of the box and into the Ghost and Dark boxes nearby!

Amoonguss: I like mushrooms. If not for Pinsir being my favorite bug, there'd probably be one member of all three mushroom Pokémon families on here (since Parasect would've taken the 1st-gen Bug slot if Pinsir didn't get it first.)

Eelektrik: I like fishy things! Not as runty as its unevolved form, not as awkward-looking and hard to draw as its evolved form. For once, the middle-stage actually looks pretty nice instead of being the "awkward teenager stage" of an evolution line! Though it does seriously annoy me that Nintendo doesn't seem to want to put non-Water-type fish in the fish egg group (aka "Water 2" in generic-bland-non-descriptive-label language) anymore. Seriously, they are freaking EELS, they should be able to breed with the other fish.

Trubbish: I have no idea why there's so much hate for these things around. Seriously, I ALWAYS see people go "durrr they made a trash bag Pokémon" whenever the topic of most-hated Pokémon comes up. But they're so fun to draw! (This sprite is probably one of my favorites of the whole bunch, and one of the few later-generation ones that I did without using any reference at all.)

Stunfisk: Another one that is inexplicably hated by a bunch of people on the Internet. For some reason a common complaint is "BUT IT DOESN'T EVOLVE!"... as if you really expect a random oddball Pokémon with low/mid-fully evolved stats to evolve? At least not in the generation it's introduced anyway, they might give it one later. I'm also confused as to why it gets lumped into "gimmick Pokémon" status with things like Ditto, Smeargle, Castform, and Spinda. What is its "gimmick," exactly? Doesn't have a unique ability or oddball forms or signature moves or anything like that, so what makes people categorize it that way? Also falls victim to the "fish that can't breed with other fish" plague of stupidity, if I'm remembering right. This fish just has crappy luck, it seems.

Venipede: A centipede! Yay!

Cofagrigus: Spooky waving shadowy ghost arms! Also, its Japanese name is basically "death can."

Least-favorite types--Dragon: Dragon just feels "tacked on at the last minute" (only one Dragon move and 3 Pokémon in R/B/Y, weakness/resistances all programmed in at the very end of the list like they were the last to be added in, the only trainer that uses them is the last guy you fight before the Champion, nobody ever mentions them anywhere else in the game, etc...) and unnecessary to me. It's a type that basically has no real defining features, at least not in the way that the other types all do... unless you count "this sorta vaguely resembles something that's been called a dragon at some point... even if it's just a bug like a dragonfly or something that has 'dragon' in its name. And sometimes not even that," which doesn't really explain why it's resistant to electricity. Or weak to ice. Traditionally, dragons had no trouble at all with cold--western dragons lived in NORTHERN FRICKIN' EUROPE and the eastern variety lived in places like the mountains and lakes/rivers of China, or the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Japan... none of which are places known for their lack of cold temperatures and/or icy weather. Even D&D's giant spiky magical mutant reptile monsters that happen to be borrowing the name "dragon" aren't known for a crippling weakness to ice... there's even an ice-breathing one in there.

Least-favorite types--Dark: Actually... I've found recently that I don't really dislike the Dark type so much anymore. To the point where I've now removed it from the "disliked types" list in the picture. The thing I hate about the Dark type is not so much the type itself, but the fact that it was clumsily shoehorned into the role of "anti-Psychic type" when it was first introduced. Seriously... there is absolutely no reason for Dark-types to be immune to Psychic attacks, and every explanation I've seen fans come up with can't account for the fact that some Psychic-type moves DO affect them. For example, the "their minds are just too twisted/evil for Psychics to contact" ignores the fact that most of the damaging Psychic moves don't involve mental contact at all, and the moves that [i]are[/i] mind-influencing (like Hypnosis or Skill Swap) actually do work on Dark-types. The "they have some kind of anti-Psychic-energy field" explanation doesn't work either--for the same reason, that being they aren't immune to all Psychic moves. Why can a Dark-type be lifted using Telekinesis if it's immune to being thrown around/blasted/cut by the various Psychic moves that actually cause damage? Being super effective against Psychic types, that I can kind of see working--Dark-type fighting tactics are "dirty" tactics thought up on the spur of the moment, so a Psychic-type that's trying to predict its opponent's moves might get caught off guard by that kind of attack. But being IMMUNE to Psychic attacks makes no sense. (Also not making sense: Dark being super effective vs. Ghost types. Resistant to Ghost I can see--Ghost type is the "shadows, darkness, fear" type, and Dark-types are sneaky criminal sorts that are more used to that sort of thing than most other types would be. But Bite and similar moves being super-effective against Ghosts? No. Biting ghosts makes no sense.)

Least-favorite types--Fairy: Fairy is just a dumb, dumb idea for a type. At least it has potential for some improvement in future generations, if Nintendo gets their act together and makes more things like Gardevoir and Xerneas rather than just filling the type up with an endless stream of Slurpuffs and Clefairies (which is more than I can say for some of the fan-made type ideas, like Crystal and Plastic/Rubber... and the Super Redundancy Types that come up occasionally, like Wind, Wood, Earth, etc.)... but Fairy as it currently exists is basically the worst parts of the Dark (nonsensical immunity) and Dragon (unnecessary, tacked-on, poorly-defined) types mixed together with the oh-so-awful fan-made "Light" type (counterpart to a type that needs no counterpart, once again unnecessary) and topped with PINK SPARKLY FROSTING. Oh, did I say "topped" with pink sparkly frosting? I mean COATED with it, slathered down with it so much that whatever is inside the frosting is so thoroughly doused in the stuff that you can't even tell it's there half the time. To all the people who claimed that the people who were afraid of a "pink and sparkly" type were overreacting to the name being "Fairy," and that Fairy type would draw upon all kinds of fairy mythology and have Pokémon of all different varieties (cute, weird, scary, big, small, wimpy, badass, etc.), not mostly just a ton of cutesy sparkly little pink things--you better be apologizing to every Fairy-doubter you bashed on before, because YOU WERE SO FREAKING WRONG. Like I said before, there is room for improvement there if they make Fairy into more of a "Magic type" and give the type more variety, rather than being almost completely overwhelmed by cutesy pink sparkly fluffballs... but as of Generation 6, "Fairy type" is more like "Clefairy type" than anything else. And that's just awful.


Dec. 15th 2013 UPDATE: Improved Octillery--now its tentacles are not horribly tiny, its head is not horribly huge, and it's in a more interesting pose rather than the standard "just sitting there on its tentacles." Also, added 10 more Pokémon--Charizard, Magneton, Farfetch'd, Haunter, Magnemite, Heracross, Umbreon, Shedinja, Stunky, and Amoonguss. And a big "N/A" for the Dark-type box for Generation 1. XD

Dec. 18th 2013 UPDATE: Improved Umbreon--fixed the wonky foot--and Pupitar--extended the "mask/shield" part and added a little more shading. Also, added 13 more Pokémon--Jynx, Gligar, Chimecho, Sableye, Metagross, Gastrodon, Shaymin, Drifloon, Giratina, Eelektrik, Trubbish, Stunfisk, Venipede, and Cofagrigus.

Sept. 20th, 2014 UPDATE: Finally uploaded a new version on here. Removed Dark from disliked types (though left my explanation of what I *don't* like about the type in this block of text down here.) Also, added 9 more Pokémon--Rhydon, Hariyama, Altaria, Shuppet, Heatran, Hippowdon, Bouffalant, Tirtouga, and Meloetta.

Sept 27th, 2014 UPDATE: One week later, we've got another batch of critters on this list--11 of them, to be exact. Generation I is now *almost* full, and the others are getting a lot closer as well. New additions include Muk, Bayleef, Kecleon, Reg(i)ice, Swalot, Rotom, Chatot, Vespiquen, Spiritomb, Heatmor, and Throh.

Oct. 7th, 2014 UPDATE: Another batch of 11 Pokémon, which means there's only twelve empty slots left. I would've added more to the description above, but something really weird happened mid-edit and I lost everything I'd typed and don't feel like re-typing it all now. Anyway... new additions include Nidoking, Misdreavus, Kingdra, Torkoal, Flygon, Mamoswine, Uxie, Probopass, Vanillite, Crustle, and Excadrill.
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