Prisma color ixi Picture

PRISMA COLOR MARKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

huf, huf...

Okay, now, to the ixi. He's a ram, but his horn's and hooves don't really fit with his neony-warm color scheme. Oh, and did you notice I said RAM? As in mountain GOAT? Well, I'm not going to advocate that ixi's are goats, or that they're not deer. They're their own species of neopet, but it seems they were modeled more closely to a goat (goats and deer are in the same classification with the other cloven hoved animalss. including the devil, heh.), yes? As most merridell pets reflect references to medieval times or far-gone myths, goats were a lot more common in great brittan's peasantry towns than deer, and fawns, half goat, half man, had a strong figure in greco-roman mythology, namely pan. Plus, who's ever heard of a deer with such stocky frame? I know deer have played a part in history and mythology, but I'm sticking to my guns that if ixi's were to be an already established species, they'd be a goat.

Ahh, nothing like a good rant. Anyone can have this design, no credit, no questions asked, no contact needed. Just don't use the picture. You can make him a ewe, but tone down his horns for such. Oh, and I take requests, if you're not too offended by my previous, and very long, statement.
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