Enraged Hippocampus Picture

First image in a series I wanted to do. Was inspired by Age of Mythology (Yes, I'm a geek). I was playing around in a map on the game and decided to draw a hippocampus. Only, I can't draw horses worth dirt, so it's more of a draconic hippocampus. It has four eyes, and I decided to give my hippocampi horns. In this case, however, it's just... horn. Just one. The scales on the fishier half of the campus was SUCH A PAIN IN THE ARSE. I used the push tool at the smallest available size and pushed a dark or light color across the length of the already shaded and highlighted tail (a trick I learned a long time ago from someone whom I've forgotten.. it was part of an online tour somewhere.... I have never used this before because every time I try it looks really horrible u_u). After the push brush, I went to some of the individual scales and added seperate highlights, to make it look more like scales than just diamons on the hippocampus's tail.

Total time, about 2 days on and off. Background was created by molesting PSP8's many photomanipulation effects, and I figure, you can't have an Enraged mythological beast without an eerie evil glowing aura around it! So I added one of those, too.
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