Unico Sketchdump Picture

I'm not sure how many people will recognize this as it was fairly unknown when I was young. I came across the anime movie when I was little, watched it once, and was never able to find it again. Any time I brought up the name Unico people thought I was referring to the Canadian foods manufacturer; it caused some confusion and a lot of frustration. Unico was initially a manga series created by Osamu Tezuka, the same person who created Buddha (the manga, not the religious figure), and Astro Boy. Recently, I came across a colour, English-translation, omnibus edition of the Unico series and picked it up. The whole series is both cute and sad: the premise is a young unicorn who is stolen by a jealous Venus from his mistress Psyche to punish her and prevent him from bringing her happiness; he travels across space and time through many adventures with no memory of his past. It's easy to write the whole thing off as a series of romantic vignettes--it mostly is--but there's something unique and unusual in the style, story, and presentation that makes it enjoyable.
So, yes. Sketches. Blah.
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