Gea the Earth. Picture

Eldest of the earth with the beauty of new youth. Her mouth a blade as sharp as diamond. Evergreen, flowing sea of hair with infinite flowers. Eyes as fierce as the thorns on a rose and as kind as a lily's vivid color. Roots deeper than the depths of the ocean and a spirit more powerful than the soil's children. A voice as beautiful as the sweet smell of nector. She is the Earth, the Earth is her and all of its nature. She is Gea.


I've never drawn any figure or creature at any angle other than a front view or a profile view, so this was a new direction and an experiment for me. I wasn't sure if her body would look "right" but I think I did well considering it's my first attempt at a new angle other than the ones I've been accustomed to. This scan was minimized and is nothing compared to the real thing, too bad my scanner's old.
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