Fauns Picture

I thought it's time to figure out this funny little race, so here we have the fauns. Only two individuals shown here have been seriously introduced so far, so I'll just talk about the species as a whole.

--boring descriptive bits ahead--

In my story, the humans and fauns are closely related (though they can't interbreed, just thought I'd point this out). Their "horns" are actually flexible hearing organs. They are not only equally sentient but also able to communicate with each other. However, the human creators of civilization in the Old World gradually drifted apart from the fauns, who for a long time were content to live nomadically.

As human civilization became inescapable in those areas of the world (around the 800s B.C.) the Old World fauns began to associate with the humans, and the humans, particularly the Greeks and Romans, incorporated them into their myths. The fauns adopted many aspects of human cultures and, in many cases, some even lived among them.

However, with the rise of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in the A.D. 700s and the persecution of "pagan" religions, the fauns began to be seen as evil and satanic. Having never had any need for warfare themselves, they were easily hunted down by the humans. Gradually, the Old World fauns retreated into the wilderness or continued to live among the humans, disguising themselves to avoid discovery.

The American fauns, meanwhile, lived happily for much longer along their human contemporaries. Although they later came into conflict with the Aztec and Inca civilizations, most were on very good terms with the nomadic human tribes. When the Europeans came to the Americas, they suffered even more than the humans, eventually going into hiding like the Old World fauns had.

Today, the fauns are written off by most humans as ancient myths or the mad inventions of medieval zealots. Many still blend in with the inescapable human populations, but some live in secluded areas, keeping contact only with knowledgeable humans. The few humans who know about them do a good job of keeping them secret. When the odd scientist tries to report their findings to the community, they are always ridiculed by the majority and shunned by the fauns and their allies.

Far left: Partially disguised faun, ca. 1600s. Recently stowed away to English-settled American colonies from India, struggling to adapt to Christian society.

Left: Partially disguised faun ("horns" are so long they need to be pinned back and hidden in hair), present day. Lives in human society.

Middle: Unconcealed faun, present day. Usually only contacts other fauns and few humans.

Right: Fully disguised faun, present day. Lives in human society.

Far Right: Unconcealed faun, ca. 1900s. Usually only contacts other fauns and few humans (still wears shoes for some reason, though).
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