Aya Universe Aliens 3 Picture

"Every time you turn around on Aurelia, there's something new to see."

There's a lot to cover here, so I think I'll try to keep these even more brief than before, but as always, I'll try to cover the basics (left to right):


"I hate it when they do that."

The Rittuk are a 12 foot tall species of alien only occasionally seen on Aurelia. These big guys are capable of detaching their head, which is then able to fly around using a set of wings attached to it, while the body continues to function normally. They creep me out. Don't let them know I said that. They have a bad temper.


"Holy shit! They can shoot lasers, watch out for that!"

Evodragora are an intelligent race of 10 foot tall creatures. Like most aliens, their appearance is fairly weird, and I'll just let the images describe their appearance. Evodragora are inhabitants of Eris IV, and we ran afoul of them when we were chasing after Groth, Aya's messenger. The Evodragora attacked us, assuming we were hostile, by firing massive, incredibly powerful lasers from their eyes. After a quick skirmish, we cleared the confusion, and they helped us catch Groth. Good times. I think I saw one on Aurelia once, but it probably wasn't there by choice.


"Hah! Check it, we got our very own Guide Bot."

Okay, this is kinda cheating, as they're not aliens, but I love these guys. Like I said before, Aurelia is massive, makes Earth look like a marble in comparison. So, every twenty feet or so, there's multiple guides. You know, maps, holo guides, GPS type things, and these guys. There's a bot designed for every race (human design pictured) to help give a sense of familiarity and comfort. These guys can take you anywhere.


"H.E.L.L.O F.L.E.S.H.L.I.N.G."

The Synthor...I'm not actually sure what they are. They appear to be atleast 90% synthetic, with only those tentacles as the remaining organic substance left on them. I've seen a good number of them roaming around Aurelia's shadier districts. I remember Kaede mentioning a Synthor facility. Maybe they're made on Aurelia? All I know for sure is that they type slow. Also, they sound like comic book villains. Synthor. Hah.


"That doesn't look good...Should it be growing like that?"

Another unknown species, I simply refer to them as Globlings since they look like a glob of...well, flesh. Well, until they strecth out like in the image, then they can reach around 6-20 feet in length. They seemed to have arrived to Aurelia and Sepsis by asteroid. Essentially, they leap off asteroids, survive impact (somehow) and then latch onto buildings and just...grow. We are frequently asked to clear them out since they are fairly dangerous, as they lash out at nearby beings with those bladed tentacles.


"Do you think there's a connection? You know, between this and the Globlings?"

I have a distinct feeling this is what the Globlings turn into if they reach full size. Reaching around 50 feet in diameter, these things are pretty damn big. I've only seen a few of these, the most recent of which was when we were flying to Sepsis on a hint that Aya was there. Despite my requests, we did not stop to check the thing out, so it'll remain a mystery for now.


"Your pet appears to be attacking your neighbours."

I can't tell you how many times I've been called up on Aurelia to deal with one of these things. People keep buying them as exotic pets, and the damn thing becomes too big and hostile to keep and they break out and...Why is Security not handling this? At around 4 feet in length, the Atturian Crawler may not seem that bad, but those mandibles and that tail are very dangerous when used by a threatened specimen. You think everybody would've learned by now.


"That was weird, did you see that? People were worshipping that thing."

It seems that I am talking about lots of aliens that I have no idea about, but that's just how this works, everytime I come to Aurelia there's another species to study. So this Monolith thing, I saw it in passing as me and Vanessa chased a lead. It was about 20 feet tall and in the middle of a garden area, and a number of aliens were worshipping it. It gave off some weird energy. I thought it was just some unusual tech, but it just FELT so alive. It also seems to bear a minor resemblance to the Shontu. I'll have to look for another and figure this out.


"What're you lookin' at human?"

The Sherclops are essentially 6 foot tall, walking eyes. They're kinda creepy to look at, but I should stop judging other races, so whatever. Sherclops (real creative naming, huh?) are commonly found around the markets. Why? I don't know. They just really seem to like buying things. They also hate it when you stare straight into their eye, so don't, a nervous Sherclops is a dangerous Sherclops. Those scythe arms are there for a reason.


"Okay, not to judge, but that's REALLY gross!"

Oooh, one of my favorites! I can't really tell you why, but I LOVE the Gorgerians. Now, like most people you look at them and say, "Gross, why does it have so many eyes?", to which I respond: It doesn't, the Gorgerian is blind, and relies on echo-location to see. All those things are actually eggs, which are stored in a Gorgerian's mouth during Hatching Season. That's why most species get out of the way when they see one with a full mouth. You don't want to break a Gorgerian's eggs. Trust me, a 10 foot tall, 20 foot long angry beast chasing you is not time well spent.


"Ssssay, humannnn. Where issss yourrr comrade?"

The Kinthas are squid like creatures with a penchant for trouble. Standing at about 6 feet tall, and packing loads of muscular tentacles, they can be a little menacing to first timers. And then you remember you have super abilities, but I digress. The Kinthas are fairly common on Aurelia, but not many last there, and are often shipped off to Sepsis. Yes, despite their ravishing appearance, the Kinthas are troublemakers, and are often known for assaulting and killing others. They fit right in on Sepsis though.


"Oh. He looks friendly."

Now I'll be honest. First time I saw a Retoluk, I was a little nervous. That was quickly brushed aside when I realized they are among the kindest species on Aurelia. Which is weird since, you know, they are essentially two massive, toothed jaws on legs (I mean they're 8 feet tall for god's sakes). As long as a Retoluk gets their food, they aren't a problem. After a few days without though, they may go feral, and that's hard for everyone involved. On a side note, one of my favorite contacts is a Retoluk. Good guy.


"Looks like her majesty is in town. Best we welcome her properly."

The Krigornah are a race ruled by a Queen, as seen above. Essentially, these odd little creatures roll up on Aurelia from time to time. The workers (seen behind the Queen in the image) use those big protrusions on their body to give better light to the Queen, but also make for impromptu shields if necessary. The Queen on the other hand always comes to the meetings between the offiacials of Aurelia. I'm not sure if she gives input or anything, but she's always there. I'm not sure what else they do, I usually don't pay too much attention to them.


"The Mystic have come to Sepsis. What, do you wish to "enlighten" us to your "glorious" ways?"

Diavola are a monstrous race that are seemingly native to Sepsis. I haven't found a single clue as to where they could've came from before, and they to have just showed up overnight. Regardless, they are one of the worst races on the planet. Which is fittingly really, as they kind of resemble Demons from Earth mythology. I wouldn't be surprised if the Diavola were the inspiration for those myths. Essentially, we see a lot of these guys, and our meetings never go well.

N'LOAT QUEEN (and children)

"That is one big, ugly bug."

Before I start, I want to say: Chasing Aya has lead us to some really bad places. One of the worst was Ben'inzoriah VII. Upon landing, our craft was quickly assaulted from both sides by two different insectoid species, which quickly turned on one another. After the battle we exited our craft, and realized we landed in the middle of a goddamn Bug War. But that's another story, I'm here to talk about the bugs behind the war. So first, we had the N'Loat Queen. The N'Loat (the small bug below the Queen) is a common pest on a number of planets, mainly because they are capable of space travel. Well now we know there's a Queen, or should I say many Queens (this is the only one we encountered thus far). The Queen was big, atleast 30 feet long, and she was pumping out children like crazy. We were tempted to put her down, but we were after Aya. As we were leaving, we saw the Criachid's children take the N'Loat nest, it is presumable that the Queen is dead.

CRIACHID QUEEN (and children)

"That is an even bigger, uglier bug."

Before I start, I want to say: Chasing Aya has lead us to some really bad places. One of the worst was Ben'inzoriah VII. Upon landing, our craft was quickly assaulted from both sides by two different insectoid species, which quickly turned on one another. After the battle we exited our craft, and realized we landed in the middle of a goddamn Bug War. But that's another story, I'm here to talk about the bugs behind the war. Next up, we had the Criachid Queen. I had heard of the Criachid before, in legends, speaking of large insects, capable of tearing through ship armor like it was nothing. They were right, and then some. As soon as we saw the Criachid, we knew the N'Loat were likely done for (N'Loat are around 3 feet long, the Criachid were about 6). We chased Aya, and ended up right inside the Criachid lair. She got whatever she wanted, and then pissed off the Queen, who chased us. Massive (almost three times the size of the N'Loat Queen), and armored like few other creatures I'd seen, the Queen was a formidable foe. We chose to get out of there and chase Aya down. It wasn't long after that that we saw the Criachids seize the N'Loat hive, as we took off from that godforsaken planet.


"Just act calm, the Tridomus can sense your emotions. You don't want to upset them do you?"

The Tridomus are among the most unusual aliens I've ever seen, and that's saying something. I've seen a number of them on Aurelia, and I still don't exactly know much about them. I know they can sense emotions, and that your emotions affect theirs, but aside from that I can't say much. And that they're like, 20 feet tall. There is also those weird energy tentacles on their sides, if I were to guess, I'd say they're generated by those little balls. But that's just a guess.


"Vaakoolu mishafer hyuiyt gondaluyt."

The Kragginth are the most terrifying aliens I've encountered on Aurelia. At around 12 feet tall, these things are almost all mouth. All terrible, toothy mouth. They move very slowly, but they just give you this feeling that they could move alot faster if they wanted to. Lookit those souless eyes. Okay, I'm overreacting again, the Kragginth apparently aren't that bad, I mean, they're on Aurelia after all. But you can't deny they are rather insidious looking. Also, I have no idea how they can talk. It just doesn't seem possible.


"Fast. Dangerous. Deadly."

The Bervian Runners are native to the planet Yosuth, and can reach up to 12 feet in length and 6 feet in height. I can't say much about them that the image doesn't mainly because I've never seen one. Well, I saw a tamed one in a circus on Aurelia, but I've never seen a wild one. Kaede has though. She says they are EXACTLY as deadly as the myths surrounding them say they are.


"Aw, I want me one of those. Travel in style baby!"

The Rhineeragost are a common sight around Aurelia. Standing at around 15 feet tall, it's no wonder many races use them as rides to walk among the streets. To clarify, they are an official transportation method on the planet, usually used for sightseeing couples. Those large plates on their back can be removed painlessly I hear. If I'm not mistaken, the Rhineeragost was originally from Yosuth, and was the natural prey of the Bervian Runner. The more you know! I must also comment that their bellows are rather haunting.


"Biggest worm I've ever seen!"

The Singian Worm is an inhabitant of the Singia Desert on Zora. I've never seen one myself, but I heard they grow up to be over 300 feet long! Kaede said she went there on a mission once with V. They said the size thing was true, and that they were never going back. Oh! How I wish I could go see for myself! Although preferably from a very large distance. I'm not stupid.


"They are growing SO nicely aren't they?"

The Yudarion look a lot like the Cephalopods we have back on Earth, except in an obviously erect stance. Standing at up to 10 feet tall, the Yudarion are no slouches in the size or strength department. The Yudarion are very intelligent, and are often seen working at schools, academies and labs and whatnot on Aurelia. They are also known to enjoy the occasional swim, which isn't surprising. One thing that bugs me about them though is the way they look at pictures of Octopi from Earth and comment on how nicely they're growing. Creeeeepy.


"So, they're pretty much birds, right?"

The Aviaron have evolved startlingly similar to Eart birds. Standing at up to 7 feet tall, with wingspans reaching only up to 12 feet in length, the Aviaron have mostly lost the ability to fly. Instead, they have gained the ability to levitate. How I'm not quite sure, but they can. I usually see them teaching meditation on the streets of Aurelia. I've questioned them once about their similarity to Earth birds, and they simply laughed it off. There's something more to this, there's gotta be.


"Ugh, I hate the sewers there's al- Is that an eye?"

The Cruslanth are a species we found living in the sewers of Aurelia on the same mission where we hunted for the Scythe Arms. There was no record of these things being admitted onto Aurelia, but they were insistent that they were (it surprised us they could talk). We had to write up a report and have them removed. It was weird watching Security carry out these eye tentacles creatures the size of small dogs. Kinda funny though.


"Your mind is weak. Let me help you open it to more power."

The Forinthy were a creepy race we encountered on Travenst after receiving a distress signal. It turns out the natives were being attacked by this rogue group of Forinthy who crashed there. Forinthy are capable of sensing brain waves and all sorts of other crazy signals your brain gives off, they are also capable of picking at your mind, and slowly tearing it apart, should they choose to do so. Really, their powers go beyond that, but I don't know how to explain it. Anyway, this group of Forinthy were traveling about trying to "strengthen" other race's mind so they weren't so inferior to the Forinthy. This went bad as you could imagine, as instead of strengthening the mind, they destroyed it. Well they didn't know why, so they kept trying etc. Long story short, we came in and took care of them, although one almost tore MY mind up. It's a shame they kept killing, their goals atleast seemed admirable.


"We are NOT going through the swamp."

Native to the Tusurian Swamp on Jutura, the Tusurian Leech can grow to be up to 20 feet long. That's a big leech. They essentially function like Earth leeches; to bigger prey anyhow, to things like us, they cut us up with their saw like teeth, and then eat us. I never went there myself, but Kaede and V told me I wouldn't want to. I think I agree.
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