Rainbow Capricorn Design + Ref for Sale - OPEN Picture

I randomly decided to mess around with drawing Capricorn-like things recently, and created one for myself [who I still have to post], as well as started playing around with one to sell. This is the latter, obviously.

If you buy, you get the design, which you can alter or change the species, and the un-watermarked version of this ref, which you can edit to your liking. My only rules regarding my designs are that you credit me for the original, and if you use the provided ref, credit and link back to me. Other than that, you're free to do what you want - you can re-sell [as long as credit is given], alter the design, change the species, whatever. I would prefer that the design not be used in works that are published for monetary gain, though [as in prints, art books, etc.]

I don't have a set price for this atm - I figured people could make offers, and I'll decide in a week or so what I want to do. I might decline offers and set this up as an auction later if I don't get any offers I like. My goal is to get around $8-$10 USD or 640-800
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