Toni with Mittens (GONNA PUT HER BIO HERE) Picture


Sooooo, I decided I'm going to put her bio here. Only half-body current picture I've got of her. Too lazy to draw her anywhere else, really, lol.

Okay, this is ~Silkvale's Bio thinger for Bully, and I really liked it, so, I'mma put this shit here:

Full Name - Antoinette "Toni" Dodson (Her family is very rich. Her mother and father are a bit snobby, but they aren't the typical "money is more important than our children's happiness" type of parents in the game.)
Set Age - Fifteen
Certified Birthdate - July 2nd
Gender - Female
Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – Just Toni. She can't stand it when she's called by her actual name.

Physical Description

Hair Color - Dark Brown, dyed black
Eye Color - Green
Height - 5"2
Typical Clothing Wear :
Uniform= Bullworth Polo Shirt with a pair of denim skinny jeans
Uniform (Winter)= Bullworth hoodie, jeans
Casual= Band t-shirt, Pair of baggy jeans
She wears mittens all the time. Rarely ever do you see her hands, even in the Summer. (This is an excuse for me not to draw hands, lol.)

Figure/Build - Average

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks – N/A

Tattoos: One on her shoulder. Just a little thing to remember her best friend, Nathan, who lost his life to cancer. That's not really important to the story, though.

Piercings: Lip piercing.

Frequently Worn Jewelry: Just her lip piercing.

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - Old Bullworth Vale
Originated from - Maine

Religion/Beliefs –

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues

She covers her eye all the time, which resulted in screwing up her vision, giving her a slight lazy eye. (I was told that could happen. If it's not factual, please let me know.)
Anger management problems often result in violent misconduct. She goes to a counselor two days a week. She's getting better.

Personal Attributes

Bad Habits - She cracks her knuckles and toes a lot, which is kind of gross.
Stereotype - "Punk/Grunge Bitch"
Toni has a passion for literature that she sometimes likes to boast about, though she'll stay a little quiet about it or else the Nerds could try to follow her around and shit.

Ratings on Personal Qualities

Physical Strength : 8/10
She learned some karate moves from Ethan, and Russell showed her some of his techniques. She's pretty strong and useful in a fight.
Attractive : 6/10
Though she isn't the cutest girl around, she sometimes puts effort into it, like her hair. Took a loooong 3 years of styling it that way to finally get it to stay.
Honesty : 7/10
Despite her awfully rebellious behavior, she will tell the truth. She dislikes lying, unless she's lying to people she can't stand.
Rule Abiding : 3/10
Are you fuckin' kiddin' me? She's Bully. She's not gonna follow the damn rules.
Sociability : 9/10
She's incredibly outgoing and loves to speak her mind.

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling - Mummy and Daddy are richy-rich-rich.
Clique - Bullies (though considering her parents are wealthy, they'd prefer her to act, dress, and socialize with the Preppies)
Roommate(s)- Lola Lombardi, Zoe Taylor (When she's re-enrolled)
Favorite Teacher – Ms. Phillips
Why?: She's rad.
Least Favorite Teacher – Dr. Watts
Why?: He's incredibly boring and annoying.


Language(s) – English, German
Schooling Level - Sophomore
Chemistry - Awful
Math - Okay
English - Actually quite alright
Geography - Average
Politics/Law - Average
Economy - Average
Cooking/Culinary - Awful
Shop - Quite alright
Botany/Biology - Awful
Mythology - She has a lot of fun with this one. Quite alright.
Art - Average
Photography - Average
Reading Level - Astonishing

Relationships Statuses

Closest Friend(s) – Russell Northrop, The Bullies, Lauren Trudeau, Ivory Boone
Friend(s) - Jimmy Hopkins, the Townies, Hal Esposito, Norton Williams

Worst Enemies – Mandy Wiles

Intolerable Students - Most Nerds

Tolerated Students - Pete Kowalski

Hot Encounters

Hinted Attractions - Troy Miller (She thinks he's kind of adorable), Damon West (He's fun to be around), Pinky Gauthier (Toni thinks Pinky is absolutely adorable. Pinky hates her guts, but Toni loves bothering her)

Crush(es) - Tad Spencer (They're kind of neighbors, and she harbors a small crush on him for a while.)

Lover(s) - Russell (She kinda falls for this lovable giant.
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