Ragnarok - Fire Picture

For the
Norse Mythology, it was the name for the end of the unvierse. Though, it turns out that this kid just got it from a Gameboy Game.

Collin Roberts is a refugee from another universe where all the Teen Titan but Beast Boy were killed. He could have stopped the one that did it, but he ran away, a coward, using a special device called the Dark Catalyst, and arrived in another universe where he joined the Teen Titans. He did this mostly out of guilt, hoping that he could prevent the massacre again, if the being that killed them, Delirium, were to ever come to that world.

His first action upon meeting the Titans was to attempt to revive Terra. It didn't work, and Terra remained a staute (for a time anyway)... He later went through several trials by fire, including an encounter with The Spectre, before settling into his place on the team, and gradully coming to terms with his cowardice.

Rag can be brash and impulsive, and he tends to speak before he thinks, often getting him in trouble with Robin. When he's not in a battle, he tends to be fairly mellow, but once inside a battle, it's like a switch flips and he becomes determined as Robin.

Ragnarok's power is similar to Terra's--he can move Earth with his thoughts. Unlike Terra, though, Ragnarok isn't a metahuman. His power is derived from his armor, which fell to Earth thousands of years ago, and which Starfire believes to be of ancient Tamaranian design. He recieved the armor (in the form of a strange spherical artifact at first) as a present for his fifteenth birthay from his grandfather, who had found it in egypt and had no idea what it did, and joined his earth's Titans scant months before Delirium killed them.

His armor also lets him interface with Tamaranean technology, and the visor that protects his identity also acts threat-assessment device, which can analyze energy patterns, find weakneses, and translate alien texts.

His greatest flaw is his inability to let things go, especially his guilt over what happened with Delirium. He's not the best strategist, but occasionally will have a burst of inspiration. Though, his basic tendency is to throw as much as he can at his foes and see what hits. His ability to move earth is also curious in that it is less powerful but far more precise than Terra's. Whereas Terra's most complex machination was a simulated hand, Ragnarok can assemble extremely complicated shapes and even some machines with his ability by just imagining it. However, the power of each earth-movement decreases with time, hich means he's not able to fly on rock platforms as Terra did, and instead travels by essentially launching himself into the air with a sudden powerful burst of rock from below his feet.

Ragnarok still struggles to find his place in a world that he wasn't born in. He finds it amazing some subtled differences between his world and ours, such as the definition of the world 'glomp', which is a fowl curse word on his Earth. Ultimately, though, he beleives that through the help of the Titans, he can figure out where he's supposed to be and make his life mean something.
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