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I found this wile browsing though one of my favorite artists stuff and thought. That looks like fun. so here you go a map of the things that influence me though its more what inspires me then influences me.

It's missing 90's cartoons like Animaniacs and Tiny Toons. Those were a big part of my childhood. but I figured sailor moon covered those things soooo yah.

Anyway going over the things that influence/inspire me.

Kingdom hearts, Final fantasy, Chrono cross, and any other game with a wonderful story and gorgeous graphics always made me shiver inside with there awesomeness.

I love panted looks as well as sprites Odin sphere's graphics and story blew me away and I would love an art book for the game. Character designs make me happy inside.

I love bright colors. I always aim to have colorful bight happy colors in a good deal of my pictures when I'm doing color.

Nature and trees fascinate me. I always love walking though forests and plant life. Not a fan of cars but machinery is cool too.

Hyper happy go lucky music and video game music takes up most of my library but I also have a lot of soft rock and tech-no, If i don't have music its hard for me to work at anything. I also adore Miku!

Now I love battle comics as much as the next guy. But Endlings's stuff is what inspired me to draw battle comics of my own. It was also what introduced me to Climber and unknown persons work as well as tournaments in general. XD

When I was in High school I was known for my chibis that I started drawing. I love cute stuff so chibis were a natural thing for me to get into. I even had the title of chibi queen for a wile.

Shiny things and story's are pretty explanatory. I like anything that is shiny. My favorite types of books include but aren't limited to fantasy, mythology, Sci-FY, the ocational horror book and mistery.

And that just leaves sonic. Sonic was the biggest influence on my life. he was my imaginary friend growing up. I played all his games constantly i even starred at the screen for endless hours trying to draw him and the worlds he was in. It was fast, and colorful I hadn't seen anything like it before in my life. and the moment I started playing I was an instant fan. I also wanted to make games because of sonic and other games like it.

so now you know why my art looks so wired and doesn't relay have a direction because I like everything XD

Blank meme can be found here -> [link]
All the pictures are from deviant art or Google so of course i don't own them.
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