Mephistopheles Ref 2013 Picture

Mephistopheles! Or at least my version of him!

In the 'world' that Kai/Nikko/everyone lives in, he is considered the 'ultimate evil' - although this could be considered wrong. His personality isn't really conducive to that idea, but he isn't the best person to run into...but you won't! He is eternal trapped in the bottom of hell - he's had near-escapes but never made it, not once! This form is actually just a projection he sends to people he can 'taunt' or 'influence' - read more here:

Name: Mephistopheles

Gender: Male

Species: Fallen Archangel, now head daemon (all daemons are actually either fallen angels or humans giving up their souls...they're not a separate species to me)

Personality: Conniving, he has his goal - make it back into Heaven. But he'd rather - weirdly - EARN it than force it. In fact he HATES violence! He tries his best to never fight - if a fight is inevitable he usually makes someone fight for him. He has only...well OK not sure but not often has he fought himself - but he IS a sight to behold, fast, powerful and near as makes no difference indestructible! He has been using his time to show up the Council angels...proving how inept they are at their jobs (admittably...lately they really ARE). He has been taking 'broken' or 'abandoned' children in (abandoned by the COUNCIL mind you). True, they usually end up psychotic serial murderers or daemons...but he's proving how poorly they are protecting their charges! He is suave, sophisticated, dangerous, tricky, and extremely prideful.

Background: for those that don't know - Mephistopheles is a religious figure (I believe in Norse or maybe German)...and yep he is the devil! Those 'scars' are where his wings were literally ripped from his back (remember that my wings look like armor attached around there). He is sick of being 'fallen' and wants to make it back - and he holds Uriel (even dead) responsible since he would have won had Uriel not ripped his wings off! Of course...a part of him remains wondering if he WASN'T in the wrong...and he tends to be much kinder now than you would think for 'the devil', but he will never, EVER admit it. He hates Uriel for not killing him...and is searching for the remaining Nephalem Rank 1 who is so close to Uriel that she has his memories. Mephy here wants to challenge him/her to a battle, just the two of them. When they fight, he is easily defeated - and is finally told why Uriel did NOT kill him...even fallen, he can redeem himself, he could get his wings back if he was forgiven for what he did. Still too prideful to admit he was wrong, and unwilling to bow his head to anyone...he surprises everyone by bowing to the Nephalem and thanking them for helping him - for understanding even the worst monster. He returns to hell willingly then - with no fight against the other angels, and is still wondering what to do.

And that's Mephistopheles! Yes I know -_-" I began wondering myself what was wrong with me when I wrote the freaking DEVIL as a character that pitiable. Now I kinda understand - I can even see myself in that monster, or as that monster, even if we are very, very different!

What do you guys think?

Mephy (c)

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