Sean 'Loxias' Donovan Picture

My OC Fenrir/Frank is going to be a father soon with his girlfriend Aria. (Frank goes by his mother's maiden surname)

Small issue to address: Aria cant get pregnant by Frank because she's not a lycanthrope--and Frank is, meaning he can only impregnate another lycanthrope. So, I figure maybe she was raped by some guy and the baby isnt Frank's. But Frank is an awesome guy, he'd treat the kid like it was his own anyway. This can actually begin repairing the problems with Frank nd Thorne. In caring for a child that's not his own, Frank can come to understand what fatherhood really is, beyond just biological connection. He may never call Thorne "Dad" (excet rarely) but he comes to respect Thorne through the baby. Not until the kid is older anyway.

so I was thinking a boy (the baby) with bluesish gray hair and dark/deep purple eyes. the hair has a slight curl to it, but only at the ends. his skin is pale and a bit grey.

He's an unusually attractive boy who grows up to be that "OMGhow can anyone be that hot" type (which I usually avoid making completely--it's too great a Mary Sue risk, but sometimes we gotta do it) and he learns to use that to his advantage to get things, but he's not as vain as he acts. He's actually very humble, but he acts like the showman. to a degree, he likes the attention, but he only wants those close to him to see the real him and only in complete private.
as an adult he wears his hair long, past his shoulders about, so it waves in the breeze for better effect on his appearances. He'd cut it off if he had to.
he tends to make vague (emphasis on vague) passes at all girls, but rarely is genuinely interested. He's looking for a certain kind of person, but it's wasting time actually LOOKING for them. there are better things to be doing.

as a child he's readily open about his real self, later taking lessons from Grandma Blaire to learn to use his looks when he needs to manipulate morons for important reasons. he knows how to use that "puppy dog look" and it's a killer. few can resist that. It's kind of the opposite of Thorne's Deathglare. it's a look of absolute charm that strikes anyone who sees it, even if he's not looking at them.

he has allergies but not asthma. (often people who have asthma have allergies as well. I do)
he likes unicorns because they remind him of girls, which he likes to admire. even as a child he wanted to dote on women and prefered their attention to boys. The only exception is Frank. Besides Frank, the child ony really wants the company of girls/women.

Since he's not a lycanthrope he feels obligated to strive harder with everything in attempts to keep up with Frank, idolizing him completelyboth as a child and as an adult.

Code name: Loxias (it's one of Apollo's alias's from mythology--he's said to be a drop dead gorgeous God)
real name: Sean A-Anthony (after Hawke--and secretly the first "A" stands for "Alexander" in honor of Thorne, but no one knowes it except Frank)

Sean's biological father's identity is yet unknown to him. And he doesnt care. He would like to make the one how hurt Aira, his mother, suffer, but as far as fatherhood, Sean sees Frank as his one and only dad.


some people wont post the word "rape" in their fanfictions or OC's histories because they're "afraid of getting hate", but dude, MAN UP already. so what if some people dont like it, it's not like this is being disrespectful to rape victims 9_9

Thorne and Aria owned by ChrisChaos [link]
Frank, Blaire and Sean owned by me (original vague concept of Sean by Chris Chaos)
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