Christmas 2012: Kitten (WIP) Picture

Merry Christmas, ~RammyRummy!

I'm so terrible. When my computer broke down, I thought hey, since I had no access to digital stuff, so I had every opportunity to actually get some traditional stuff done - everyone would get traditional pictures this year! But then I managed to find a temporary solution, and I had access to digital art again, and these kept being put off - as traditional stuff usually is when I have digital art to stream. Thanks to being terribly behind (as it seems everyone I knew was with Christmas presents this year), I didn't even have time to get to this. :\ That I feel super terrible about, especially since Freyja was the first one I sketched, on the 15th or so (for some reason I was in a MI mood at the time, so Freyja). I figured I'd upload the sketch so you get something, but I feel awful for not being able to finish it.
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