Mato Keya and Hogan Picture

continued Lakota lore
suggested by: :icongodofwarloverplz:

Three animistic spirits having a chat by the Sylvan lake. ( I always sketch, paint the BG first and then find a way for the sketch to fit in it , and paint the figures... well they gotta have a place to hang while you finish the painting right? I do it on digital canvas and on regular canvas with acrylic)

Mato the bear. He's is regarded as the source and patron of passionate emotions. He is also a healer, and is regarded as being comparably mischieveous to Iktomi ( who is like Loki/ I used a brown bear and a black bear and made an composite and a variant pose to what I had cuz I don't like copying much except use examples for lighting and anatomy... also I feel compelled to hug this bear for some reason :3 )
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