Dillan: Oceans Duke Picture

His eyes viewed the sunset with a far off look. It'd been so long since he'd last been here, or anywhere of the like. It was like it was a dream. After coming so far though, he knew it wasn't, and he knew that if it were a dream then the nightmare was just around the corner.

He hated to turn away. There was always a calming sensation when he looked at the ocean; it's slow rolling waves gently brushing against the shore a soothing symphony of nature, and untold power. Yet even so, if he didn't his pursuer would hold no qualm with finishing what it had been sent to do. He couldn't take that. No now. Not again.

Turning to face it, his face drew into a scowl. Raising his hand towards the oncoming shadows, the fine mist of the ocean air quickly began forming into water, his sword seconds away from being formed.

"If I go down, I'm taking you with me Fury."


So, since I'm back, I figured I should draw something to show other people that I'm back. Not knowing what else to draw, I realized that one of my first OC's has received little to know love from me. Shame on me. Then again, looking at his old artwork;

The Duke of the Ocean

...I've come a long way.

Anyways, here's Dillan. Hopefully we'll be able to see more of him, my other characters, and more art in general.

Also if anyone knows any tips for drawing water, I'd appreciate it.
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