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Name: Tahti Dagfinnr

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Deity Parent: Tyr, God of War (combat, victory and heroic glory)

Abilities: Enhanced stamina, resistance to injury, and strength. Master-level spear fighters, Adept-level swordsman.

Personality: Tahti often comes off as gruff and over-serious but can actually be very warm and fun loving (if one has the patience to dig beneath her coarse exterior). She enjoys bawdy humor but has little tolerance for it when coming from her students. She likes a good fight, but tries to refrain from engaging in combat with or around her students (after all, the Teacher's gotta set a good example).

History: For the first six years of Tahti's life it was just her and her mother (whom worked two jobs to support them both), there was no stable "father figure" or her to learn how to interact with men from. For this reason, she always felt awkward and uncomfortable around boys. All of her friends were female and to this day she still generally prefers female company. At the age of seven Tahti's mother married and her stepfather, in an effort to bond with his new daughter, signed them both up to join a Viking Reenactment group. It was not a historically accurate one and they offered equal-opportunity roles. It was there that she learned how to spear fight and how to conduct a battle... It was like she had found her true calling.

She continued with the group up until she left for college. Unfortunately, Viking was not a major offered at her University and so she earned a Teaching Certificate instead. It was shortly after her college graduation that she learned that her biological father had actually been Tyr, the Norse god of War, Single Combat, Victory and Heroic Glory.

Interesting Facts: Her hair's natural color is a white-blond, but she likes to dye it wild colors like pink, purple or green, whenever the inclination strikes. She likes to eat cucumber. She is terrified of albino mice (but only albino ones, she's fine with any other color).
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