Doinysus with thorns and grapes Picture

So this is me being brave and venturing further into the realms of 'background' with my painting. Quite pleased with the results. It was inspired to a greater or lesser degree by the work of Yoann-Lossel (not sure what the etiquette is for tagging others you don't know is but definitely recommend you check his work out!).

Anyway, I'm really quite pleased with my effort, even if it is a little simplistic. The grapes particularly came out pretty much exactly as I'd intended. And the composition is what I was aiming for as well. Next time need to try harder at getting the actual detail of the background as I want it (rather than random) and also look at getting the colour more even round the figure himself.

Worth noting Dionysus is something of a patron figure for me. I raise a glass to him and in return he's always taken care of me.
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