Unseelie Prince Picture

This is the portrait of an Unseelie Prince. I like fairy folklore and I know there is a great deal of fey fiction. However since I chose to add a bit of information with my pieces, especially the plant-life pieces, I do not think I should miss an opportunity to educate and thus will only share folk and mythology, about the tuatha de danaan, rather than talk about fictional information (in the literary sense, as in novels and such).
Their name means children of danu and Danu is an old Goddess Figure. Members of the Tuatha De Danaan Include: The Dagda, his daughter Bridgit among other famous deities.
The Unseelie like the Seelie belonged to the Daoine Sidhe. These mythological ideas are Celtic, and the arrival of the Sidhe came after the defeat of the Fomorians, according to myth. I hesitate to say more, because my knowledge is not deep seeded scholarly speaking, in their differences and divisions. But I can say this according to myth the Sidhe defeated the fomorians and took residence in the Celtic lands until they were defeated by the Milesians and retreated to underground fairy hills.
If you are interested in learning more about Sidhe mythology make SURE you find scholarly resources.
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