Dances of Time: Spring Picture

Dances of Time:

I started with this project a while ago. I had an idea for a painting about the four seasons, but i didn't wanted to do all that has been done before. So i worked with the images of male figure (that i don't do very often). Like time, the spirits of the seasons are dancing away in an eternal coreography of nature and colours. The seasons, i figured, are like veils that cover the land. I also worked with animal figures, very recurrent in my paintings; i took the four sacred animals of Chinese Mythology and added them to the collection.

The first season is spring: full of colour, light and, of course, butterflies. It is a time of balance when all the elements within must be brought into new harmony.

In Chinese Mythology, the Blue Dragon is associated with spring, and represents the virtue of propriety. The dragon is the highest spiritual power; he controls the rain and, therefore, makes everything sprout. The joyous spirit of Spring bursts forth from the earth... where he dances, wild flowers appear, sorrow turns to joy, and scarcity turns to abundance.
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