Episodic Notes Picture

These are the episodic notes I did for my language arts class a week or two ago. Episodic notes are basically where you pull the main parts out of a text and draw a picture and write a brief summary for each one. One of my friends and I were doing the project together, so I just did the first half of the story. But those are my pictures.
Our topic: the Greek Creation myth.
1st panel: Gaia (the earth) and Uranus (the sky). They love each other. Their first children are hundred-handed fifty-headed giants, and their second children are Cyclopes. Uranus sends both to Tartarus, and then they have the Titans.
Cue panel 2: Gaia tells her children about the giants and Cyclopses and how she's really sad. That's Cronus there. I was trying to figure out how to make him really creepy, so I gave him a creepy Bieber swing, sideburns, and evil red eyes. The most devious of the Titans, Cronus plots evil things...
3rd panel: I like to glaze over all of the horrible things that happened to Uranus. It was not pretty.
Of course, after that, Cronus gets even worse. He does things like marry his sister and eat his children. Ahh, Greek Mythology.

I sketched this out, inked it in black pen (took forever because I used six different pens, none of which worked), and colored it with colored pencils. It took me about a day, but I was literally working on it all day. My favorite panel is the first one, and my favorite part of the whole thing is Uranus's right hand in that panel.

...Phew. Go blue hair!
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