Lorediggers Preview Picture

Just the word conjures up millions of images.

The legendary creature of lore, the dominant figure of horror, the main staple of fantasy both urban and medieval—the vampire has been prominent in literature, movies, video games, comics, and many other forms of media. Suave and charismatic, synonymous with "gothic", their presence usually underlies a deeper threat than what their pale appearance suggests.
...But only usually. Each incarnation varies wildly, often to the point where it's hard to believe that they had any common root at all.

Tonight, we're going to be looking at that root.
Where did the lore of the vampire originate? What was the first major presentation of it in media? How does it compare to modern-day interpretations? And why does the creature provoke such fascination among people?

Well, we'll find out...on this debut episode of Lorediggers.


A preview of a webisode series I'm about done with the first episode of.
A sullen and sarcastic librarian with an internet connection and too much time on his hands researches ancient bits of lore popular nowadays and talks about the history of the mythology, as well as how it came about and how it evolved over time. All the while, PowerPoint-esque pictures pop up in the display in the background, mocking the subject and his providing visual punch for his lines.

This will be the setting.
The librarian will hang around mostly on the left, while the pictures will be on the right. Unfortunately, I think I may have made the holographic display a bit too small. There's a whole bunch of empty space at the bottom serving absolutely no purpose.
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