Concept: The Free Witch of the Woods Picture

Here is a concept for a character in some stories I am currently thinking up. This came from an idea to look at short stories set in a world mixed of European and Japanese myths and legends, merging two cultures together to create a fantasy world.

So, here is the Free Witch of the woods, she is a yousei witch who acts like a 'Mother Goose' figure in my stories.

Creating my own world and lore, Witches and Wizards fall into two categories :

Decanter Magicians are humans who contain limited magic and are bound to their kings and queens, used for weapons of war.

Free Magicians are not bound by authorities and have no limits in terms of magic, however in order to contain their magic they must give up their humanity thus becoming yousei (Elves) and roam the free world using their magic for ill or good.

This witch roam the vast forests and acts as a guardian of the woods, people fear her as she is not human and she distrust humans, but is fond of children and if they are lost she will guide them to a safe village.

I tried to get a mock 'anime' vibe going in her face and body whilst keeping my own style fresh, her look is inspired by a mixture of hedgehogs, owls, moths and elves from western mythology. Her staff is a dual lantern staff which acts as the source of her powers.

Concept owned by me. Having a lot of fun thinking up these stories, the first will feature the free Witch of the Woods.
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