Phoenix Flower Picture

This is a piece that kind of reflects a lot of the conflicting emotions and thoughts I've had for a while. Red was the only color I could even consider using, since it has such an energizing presence, and also represents such things as love, anger, and energy (like, having a lot of energy, hyperness, or whatnot.) The orange and yellow add to the look of fire, so unpredictable, beautiful, and yet dangerous. Around the edges are calmer colors, green, blue, purple, and black. Sometimes I feel like I'm in so much turmoil, and the world around me seems so calm and collected. Then, of course, the object in the middle could be a flower or a phoenix. The phoenix is firey and makes me think of passion and determination, as well as the ability to rise from the ashes, and a flower is a soft reminder of romance and love. Yeah. Go try to figure all that out. I certainly can't.
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