i dunno what to call this Picture

It's rare that I put something up so soon after finishing it. I thought this turned out ok, although I dont think the photo will show how much time I put into making those lines as perfect as perfectly possible. then I almost had a heart attack when I thought the eraser wasn't going to work and another drawing would be ruined by my idiocy.... I needed to make a decent drawing though, cuz I was starting to get depressed and feeling like any talent or skill I had ever had had all left me and I would no longer have a reason for living, so this drawing was good :]

The reason for the drama? I have had little time to draw since about fall when things got busy, and winter when things got even busier, I start to feel like my art grows more and more suckish and I'm in need of a new style- I need to reinvent myself atlest or something. I figure the solution must be to make something with my nice fancy markers to inspire something nice unto the page. The drawing started out good, it was like in the style of that cardinal drawing of dots which I frickin still love, but then as I went on, the drawing got steadily worse until I was like about to rip my throat out of my neck (ok, I realize that makes little sense, but don't you know that feeling??) and so I realized there would be no way to save this drawing and I could either leave unfinished (something I *rarely* do- with not just drawings but like anything in life) or finish it and have it suck even more (there would be no telling how much more this drawing could negetively progress- the effects could have caused long-term damage to my self esteem :0 ). So I left it unfinished...<sigh>.....but oh well. so it goes.....

In terms of reinventing my style, I havent' really done that in this picture obviously, but I feel like I want to stick to face and figures because I know it so well and besides the lower leg bones and some of the muscles in the back and head I basically have anatomy commited to memory. I want to draw more nature-y things like leaves and stuff, but I dont think I would get many opportunities to observe leaves in the middle of the winter at the lattitude I'm at. :/ Getting a botany book would be fun
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