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Yes, this one is a bit old. I know I said I promised myself I'd upload these as soon as they were finished, but I screwed this one up a little, and was too fed up with it at the time to fix it. Then I was just lazy. And I just now remembered about it.
Fifth in the series, and last of the Uni pics. This one was the hardest, just because of the animal. I had one drawn out, a good looking one...until I drew the animal. x.X Oh, and please note, the horse is definately not to scale. I couldn't draw it the real way.

Um, yeah, title.

Freyja - Another name for Freya, Norse goddess of love and fertility

Okay, really, I made that up, but that's really what it means. I looked it up, and lo and behold, it was in fact another name for Freya. I was relived, because I was positive I wasn't going to find that one.

Another good feeling based one, unfortunately. I think Sethos and Shinzui are supposed to be like the, um, warriors/rulers (I don't know) of the Uni, and the others are just their posse, going around and making sure people feel good, or something. Not my fault! Anyway, she brings good-will toward mankind, I guess. Hell, she even makes people feel okay about Atalo, but only in the sense that he should live. The feeling of hate towards him is too strong in that country. Freyja herself might not feel the love, in fact, at this point in the RP, it seems she has isolated herself.

It seems all these good feeling people generally act the opposite of their title. Hmm, I may be onto something here...except that would mean Freyja would never want to be involved in anything. Maybe she just always has a hard time adjusting or something. I don't know. Going out on a limb here, sorry.

I like how Freyja turned out. I decided to do something a little different with the feathers on her crown thing (and, if their showed, the tops of her boots), and I like the results. I think I'll keep it. Freyja's always a fun one to draw, because she's so simple and everything.
The pegasus thing she's holding has a long story to it. We were trying to figure out what she's have, and I looked it up, and it said Valkeries (which Freyja is) generally mounted flying wolves before mythology changed them to pegasus'. Ramya-chan was edging on that, but wanted to have a pegasus. So we figured the lower Valkeries would have the wolves, and the higher Valkeries (which Freyja is
And no one but four other people know what I am talking about. Yay!

Anyway, no name for the horsey yet, and I decided to make it brown instead of white because white pegasus' are so over-done. An ordinary horse makes just a good a flying creature as a white one does.
Finally done. Yay!

Spirit of Melohdia
Peace of Melohdia
Glory of Melohdia
Hope of Melohdia

Freyja ©
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