Alina Micheals (Bully SE oc) Picture

Full Name [& Pronunciation] – Alina Jen Michaels [A-Lee-na] [My-cal-s]

Meaning – Alina( noble) Jen (healer) Michaels (humble)

Set Age - 16

Certified Birthdate – September 24th

Astrological Sign - Libra

Chinese Zodiac - Ox

Gender - Female

Aliases & Preferred Nicknames – (explain how they got them or who they got them from)

*Lena called by her closest friends.

*Ally given to her by her baby sister.


Distant Descendants : (fathers side) Hispanic and (mothers side) Irish

Dominant Descendants : American

Physical Description

Hair Color - red

Eye Color - Green

Weight – 125

Height – 5,7

Family Ties

Daniel Michaels (father)

How do they get along: Alina loves her father knowing how hard it has to be raising 3 kids, she always worries for her father due to his current job in the army.

* Leann Michaels (mother deceased)

How do they get along: Alina’s mother had passed from cancer when she was 6, only 7 months after her little sister was born. She loved her dearly though.


How do they get along: When Alina got kicked out of Bullworth her grandma took her in to live with her in Bullworth Vale. She loves her grandma.

Siblings –

DJ Michaels (Daniel Jr. Brother)

How do they get along: Alina has always looked up to her older brother despite him being in the army with their father.

Kaylee Michaels

How do they get along: Alina adores her little sister, since her mother had passed she was Kaylee’s motherly like figure, and she means the world to Alina.

Typical Clothing Wear :

Her grandmother took her fathers old military uniform and made it to Alina’s liking including the winter clothes (other’s will be added in the future.)

Figure/Build - Average

Distinguishing Features/Scars/ or Birthmarks – nope

Tattoos: Star tattoo on her left shoulder, wilted rose on lower back (in memory of her mother) and one that looks like it's wrapped around her ankle

Piercings: lip and ear piercing and bellybutton piercing

Frequently Worn Jewelry: her mother’s necklace, lip stud and earring

Personal Information

Current Living Arrangements - Bullworth Academy/ Bullworth Vale

Originated from – California

Traveled Territories – California

Hobbies - Fighting, music, chilling etc

Fears – fucking clowns man…

Religion/Beliefs – Catholic

Health Behaviors

Physical Ailments/ Disabilities/ Issues – Depression (started when her mother died)

Addiction(s) [Sex, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol, Other] Smoking

Why?: usually when she is completely stressed out

Any regular medication taken? – Antidepressant

Chronological Information

Profession – Art, Music

Likes – playing guitar, drawing, chilling, watching people fight, being with friends.

Dislikes – FUCKING CLOWNS MAN!!!! ,irrelevant people, being bored.

Goals/Ambitions – she actually wants to be a detective when she get's out of highschool

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience – Watching her mother die

Story behind experience: Her mother had died of cancer when Lena was only 6 or 7 years, she always told herself that she would always life up to her mother’s expectation’s

Weapons/Equipments – swiss army knife, stink bombs, spray paint and sling shot

Personal Attributes

Personality – fun, tough, artsy, outgoing.

Strengths - * Alina acts motherly towards people who need help (mostly kids) having to care for her baby sister most of her life.

*Tries to make the best decision for herself and her friends

* always speaking about what’s on her mind.

Weaknesses –

* held up anger

*Stressing herself out causing her to want to smoke.

Good Habits – very neat and keeps things in perspective

Bad Habits – Sometimes bites nails when she’s nervous

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors – when she feels guilty she will pace back in forth scratching her arms.

Ratings on Personal Qualities

(don't go overboard make reasonable stats for your character)

Physical Strength : 8/10

[daddy made her go to boot camp :3]

Attractive : 9/10


Honesty : 7/10

[her gram always told her honesty is the best policy (most of the time)]

Rule Abiding : 3/10

[shes a drop out what do you want?]

Sociability : 6/10

[she can deal with MOST people]

Bullworth Academy Information

Reason for enrolling: “my dad made me go to this shit school”

Clique - Townies

Standing and Rank in Social Circle - regular follower, will only do a job if she’s asked by Edgar, Omar or Clint

Room Number – 10

Roommate(s)- Kelsey, Lucy and Jamie

Favorite Subject(s) – art and music

Why?: “its always been my favorite due to my gramps I guess?”

Least Favorite Subject(s) – Math

Why?: who fucking needs it?

Favorite Teacher – “Ms. Peters.”

Why?: “because who doesn’t love a music loving hippie?”

Least Favorite Teacher – Mr. Burton

Why?: “ the dude is a pedobear nuff said!”

Knowledge ability

Language(s) – English, Irish and Spanish.

Schooling Level - 6

Chemistry - 5

Math - 2

English - 7

Geography - 3

Politics/Law - 10

Economy - 5

Cooking/Culinary - 7

Shop - 8

Botany/Biology - 4

Mythology - 5

Art - 9

Photography - 6

Reading Level - 10

Musical and Existential.

Relationships Statuses

Trusted Companions

Closest Friend(s) – Kelsey and Aaron

Friend(s) – Lola

Hated Rivals - none

Worst Enemies – Pinky and Mandy

Intolerable Students - Motherfucking Constantinos

Tolerated Townsfolk – Ms. Abby

Hot Encounters

Hinted attractions: Aaron, Ricky and Omar

Crush(es) - "crushes are for the weak!"

Ex(s) – Wade

Extra Information

Eating Habits

Omnivore/Carnivore/Herbivore – Omnivore

Favorite Food(s): Cheese burger, mac’n cheese, strawberries.

Favorite Drink(s): Lemonade, ice tea, soda etc

Disliked Food(s): anything like brussel sprouts

Disliked Drink(s): protein shakes (legit tho those things suck)

Added Information

Proclaimed Theme Song(s) –

( The last pale light)…

(Do it like a dude)…

Scent – Vanilla

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Animal: Tiger

Favorite Music Genre: hip hop

Most Memorable Quote – “A lady never start's a fight, but one way or another she will finish it”

Various Quotes Through Interaction :

Walking around – “I can’t believe that little shit had the balls to say that”

“wonder where the guys are”

“unnf I’m so hungry”

“hmm I hope pop is doing ok..”

When the fire alarm goes off –
“hehe good I hated that class anyways”

“swear to god I didn't do it”


Good Terms: “Oh thank god its you”

“what’s up Hun?”

“Whats going on?

Bad Terms: “ughh you of all people”

“what do you want?”

“I really don’t care about what you have to say”

Saying goodbye –

Good Terms: “catch ya later”

“see ya around sweetie”

I’ll be around. you know where to find me”

Bad Terms: “screw off”

“I’m done with this shit”

“pshh whatever”

When Flirted With –

Good Terms: “ hey babe”

“heh I was wondering when you’d come around”

“hey come a little closer would yeah?”

Bad Terms:

“yeah uhh I’m so outta your league!”

“pssh get real!”

Watching a fight – “ 5 bucks on the big one!”


Attacking – “hah I’ve been looking forward to this!”

“ you better start begging for mercy!”

While Fighting – “that all you got?”

“please the nerds hit harder!”

Chasing someone – “you better hope I don’t catch you!”

Out of breath – “don’t worry I’ll find you later”

When hidden from – “heh I don’t know what I expected from you.”

Knocked out – “ahh shit!”

Stink bomb explodes – “*coughing* oh god that reeks!”

Opinions on students who reside at Bullworth Academy– (in alphabetical order)

(if you already listed a character below in the friends, enemies, or acquaintances section don't forget to take them off this list please, we don't want you repeating the relationship over again)


Aaron Glenn: " well he's kinda cute but he's more like a brother..a very annoying, gross brother.."

Davis White: “ he’s harmless but he needs a better hobby then hitting on girls and punching the nerds..”

Ethan Robinson: “this guy is just made of awesome! He is so chill I could hang with him all day(even though he tries to play cupid..)”

Russell Northrop: “dude like my older brother, he’s a giant teddy bear with a temperament”

Tom Gurney: “ he alright I guess but… he can be a real pain in my ass trying to pick fights with me all the time”

Trent Northwick: “he’s a dick…”

Troy Miller: “I feel like he’s trying to hide something, but were pretty tight other wise”


Brent Ross: "i won't lie.. kid can fight, and he'd be cuter if he weren't such a douche.."

Hal Esposito: “well he’s a pretty good guy, he really digs my cooking! Which is pretty cool, he helps me when I want to experiment?”

Johnny Vincent: “This guy reminds me of my dad, and I admire that he’s a great leader and is strong (except when it comes to Lola.. he acts like a little bitch) but he’s a good guy”

Lefty Mancini: “I really dig his accent, but for real he’s got a good head on his shoulders.”

Lucky De Luca: “to be honest I don’t know what this guy’s deal is? He kind of freaks me out”

Norton Williams: “he scares me too..”

Peanut Romano: “you mean the guy who’s got a thing for Vincent? Haha he is so obvious! But a pretty sweet guy otherwise.”

Vance Medici: “him and Jimmy, I.SHIP.IT. just saying… they need to hurry up and fuck.”


Bo Jackson: “dick”

Casey Harris: “bigger dick”

Damon West: “fuck do I hate him”

Dan Wilson: “my dodge ball target? That’s all he is…hehe”

Drew McCarthey: "he was a dick forever, but he doesn't bother me much so he's alright i guess .__."

Juri Karamazov: "he’s a pretty good guy, for some reason he’s uhmm well I guess the word I would use is protective?”

Kirby Olsen: “ehhh his alright but he’s got this wired thing with Trent that he tries to hide (so cute!)”

Luis Luna: “never really talk to him so I can’t give an opinion.”

Mike Glenn: "he's just awesome! but he frightens me when he gets pissed..."

Ted Thompson: “you don’t want to hear what I have to say about this pompous asshole


Algernon Papadopoulos: “ that kid smells like my brothers ferret.”

Beatrice Trudeau: “ well she’s Kind, sophisticated , ladylike? I don’t know never really talk to her.”

Bucky Pasteur: “ a real weirdo that one, he’s always being a creep and it bothers me.”

Corneilus Johnson: “ he’s innocent were pretty good friends I guess, he usually wants me to beat up the bullies when he needs me”

Donald Anderson: “ wait we talkin bout the duck? No.. ok never mind then… don’t know who that is”

Earnest Jones: “ fuck him and all who look like him…”

Fatty Johnson: you stare at that kid for like 5 seconds and he tries to punch you in the face! What’s his deal?”

Melvin O'Connor: “he called me a wench…. So let’s just say if he comes near me he will be obtaining a broken nose.”

Thad Carlson: “he worries me..”


Angie Ng: “hate her..”

Christy Martin: “omg no she’s just so fucking annoying. No just, no.”

Eunice Pound: “ she’s a sweet girl, I don’t see why everyone has to pick on her…”

Gary Smith: “ this kid seems like a real weirdo he’s always talking to himself, not to mention he pick on poor Petey!”

Gloria Jackson: “ so long story short I adore all the kids they’re innocent (even if they do tell the prefects when I punch someone)”

Gordon Wakefield: “whodafauqisthat?”

Ivan Alexander: he tries hitting on me…. It’s really pathetic actually.

Jamie McCarthey: "she's alright, we hated eachother for awhile but we settled that."

Jimmy Hopkins: “ me and him are a pretty good friends , I know all the girls dig him for some reason? So I choose to remain friends”

Karen Johnson: (refer to Gloria)

Kelsey Glenn: "this chick is just awesome! went through some shit, but were buds!"

Lance Jackson: “ nope, never talked to him”

Melody Adams: (refer to Gloria)

Pedro De La Hoya: (refer to Gloria)

Pete Kowalski: “ ever see him in a bunny suit? He’s so adorable! And a real sweet kid. (not that I would want a relationship with him)”

Ray Hughes: “he reminds me of my uncle robert….”

Sheldon Thompson: (refer to Gloria)

Trevor Moore: “don’t talk to him”

Victor McCarthey: "Well i don't really talk to him much...maybe it's because i broke his ankle...."


Bif Taylor: “DICK..”

Bryce Montrose: “he used me to win a bet ;-; “

Chad Morris: “ guys got a fetish for wanting to fight when he sees me..”

Derby Harrington: “ pfft he thinks he is such hot shit, but he’s just a rich jerk with a really bad comb-over”

Gord Vendome: “ he's alright i guess...”

Justin Vandervelde: “this guy is a douche”

Lucile Anderson: "nope, bitch broke Aaron's heart she is number one on my list.."

Parker Ogilvie: “noooope”

Pinky Gauthier: “ *hissssss*”

Tad Spencer: “ I feel for the guy, he’s in some deep shit, so I don’t bother picking on him.”

Opinion on Adults who teach and patrol at Bullworth Academy – (in alphabetical order)

Miss Danvers: “ Bitch”

Miss Peters: “Love her my favorite teacher!”

Mr. Burton: “ fucking pedophile”

Mr. Galloway: “ehh he’s alright”

Mr. Hattrick: “I could really do without him.”

Mr. Luntz: “ not sure how I feel about him..”

Mr. Matthews: “he’s alright..”

Mr. Wiggins: “nope”

Mrs. Carvin: “more of my nope”

Mrs. MacRae: “All of my nope”

Mrs Peabody: “pretty sure she’s a lesbian…”

Ms. Phillips: “art teacher? She wonderful!”

Neil: “ the shop teacher? Not gonna lie he’s pretty hot”


Edward Seymour II:

Karl Branting:

Max MacTavish:

Seth Kolbe:

Opinions on People in the cities of Bullworth – (in alphabetical order)


Clint (aka Henry): “haha me and him go and smash mailboxes all the time…. it’s a good time!”

Duncan: “love this kid like my brother, we hang out a lot he actually introduced me to the dropouts”

Edgar Munsen: “ dude’s an awesome leader, not to mention he’s hot as hell ;D I’ll follow him anytime”

Gurney: “this guy needs to get a clue, for real you think being punched in the gut would be a good enough hint to say ‘I don’t want to go out with you’ ”

Jerry: “ he’s a pretty clever dude we always are making plans to screw with the preps.”

Leon: “ he tried flirting with me once…ONCE”

Omar Romero: “ he’s one of my best bro’s, I think he pretty cute too, I tell him that a lot and he gets all flustered and pissed off when I tell him, it’s a lot of fun!”

Otto Tyler: “he thinks Edgar is trying to replace Zoe…..i perfectly fine if that does happens”

Zoe Taylor: “ I reaaaaaaaally don’t like her but I put up with her for the boys"

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