Notes and Hero Sketches Picture

Created two more heroes while taking some notes.

Name: Quetzalcoatl
Age: Unknown (several millennia, immortal)
Hair: N/A
Skin: Off-white
Eyes: Iridescent Yellow
Height (Length): 10', but is variable
Weight: 300 lbs, but is variable
Status: Supernatural being, "good guy"
Description: Quetzalcoatl (or, "The Feathered Serpent) is a character from Aztec mythology.  He is a snake-god with feathers.

Here, Quetzalcoatl is a comical, lighthearted figure, and a trickster.  The villain, Snakeskin… , sought after him for many years, but being the trickster he was, Quetzalcoatl disguised himself as an unlikely creature: a chicken.  He makes the excuse that there's no better form to hide his feathers (or, to use them as a clever disguise) than with a chicken.  Snakeskin always wondered why that one chicken he bought was never eaten by the snakes in his terrarium, but his dulled mind could never find an answer.

Quetzalcoatl is a formidable fighter, able to cast illusions, induce spells of hypnosis, and of course, fly.  He's super fast, and has amazing reflexes, not to mention he has thousands of years of experience with many things.
Name: Nixie Velmont
Alias: Faerie
Age: 16
Hair: Green
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Sapphire Blue
Height: 5' 6", but is variable
Weight: 125 lbs, but is variable
Status: Hero
Description: Faerie is a human, born with the ability to sprout fairy wings and take flight.  Her fairy dust can do a variety of things, from inducing hallucinations in victims to healing to explosives. She can also shrink to 1/20 of her size. These powers were discovered shortly after she turned twelve.

She was given two faerie weapons: a magic sword, which can cut through virtually anything, and a magic shield, which can withstand virtually anything.  She fights crime with these talents, often teaming up with various hero groups, so she is well known throughout the hero community.

A second incarnation of Faerie appeared shortly after the first.  Her name is Tasua Tsukimoto, Nanoman's… adopted daughter.  Unlike Nixie, Tasua's powers aren't natural, as they're derived from the nanites she implanted in her body (without her stepfather's consent...) which allowed her to bond with more of Dr. Kasumo's technology.  She's usually seen with wings, streamlined armor, and lots of equipment.
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