Natalie Moon Picture

What does evil look like? Evil looks like beauty. It looks like something that could tempt you. Natalie Moon is beautiful, and she certainly could tempt if she wanted. The daughter of the current president over Desolate International, she is a genius of twenty-two. In her early twenties, blonde and beautiful, the green-eyed angel of Scarlet Falls herself, Natalie Moon. Moon was the daughter of Desolate’s president, Alexander Moon. She was top of her class from East Kellington University, a most celebrated engineer of biological engineering. She had contributed to the most recent discovery of a hormone that could destroy Ebola in its early stages. She seemed to everyone to belong on the cover of a fashion model magazine. However, she is obsessed with biological engineering.

Recently, she developed a viral strain that she called Ceridwen. Ceridwen, named for the goddess of transformation in mythology, was developed as the ultimate cure to most cancers, its effects meant to be immediate and safe. She poured serious money into the project and sacrificed her dreams of working internationally to create this cure that would set here name down in history. However, when she approached her father about human testing, he turned her down, seeing danger in her research that involved cellular mutations of an unknown scale. Many animals that Natalie tested the viral strain on had died in agonous ways, their insides rotted, their bodies twisted and mutated into grotesque forms. Her project was put on suspension pending a hearing by the Desolate board, and Natalie knew that her father would never allow her strain to be distributed. Driven mad with rage over this loss, after everything she had sacrificed for it, she attempted to kill herself by injecting herself with Ceridwen, believing that it was indeed flawed and would kill her as it had the rats and birds.

However, something happened to her then. Something incredible! Instead of killing changed her. It changed her into something glorious, something that had power in it... She suddenly had the strength of a Herculean figure. She could suddenly run miles in mere minutes, and her acrobatic abilities expanded full fold. Believing that Ceridwen had transformed her into a human goddess, Natalie began to plot the destruction of Desolate and its authorities, having a mad vision of using Ceridwen to create a utopia over which she could rule as goddess.... what followed would be a long string of framing and murder, of corporate espionage and human testing on the most illegal scale.....

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