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As it has been mentioned before, Reisei enjoys doing origami. This is largely because she likes the pretty paper and has a habit of collecting it. She doesn't consider herself to be very good at it, but she enjoys it all the same. She often suffers paper cuts as a result. She isn't very good at making paper cranes, but she does like to make ducks. She will offer them to people as a sign of friendship. This isn't something she does very often.

Her favourite food is a cherry danish even though she's not generally fond of cherries.

Ducks are her absolute favourite animals and she has a large collection of duck figurines and stuffed toys. Her favourite pajamas have a picture of a duck on the shirt. The rest of the pajamas themselves are a short sleeved white shirt and long dark blue pants patterned with the word QUACK! at slanted angles.

She enjoys historical literature and likes to go to the library to look at old books. She's particularly fond of the early 1700s and her favourite novel is 'The Three Musketeers' by Alexander Dumas.

Blue-grey is her favourite colour, though quite often she'll simply tell people that she likes light blue as that's easier for people to understand.

Swan maidens are her favourite mythological animals. She finds the idea of transforming into something similar to her favourite animal very appealing.

She used to want to be a ballerina so she could dance in Swan Lake, but she is unfortunately not gifted with any sort of dancing ability. Also her accident prone tendencies aren't really conducive to being on stage. These days, her dream is simply to rebuild her home and find her lost friends. She is very much aware of how overly simplistic these dreams sound, but given how long it's been since she lost everything and everyone, she really doesn't care what anyone else thinks about it. Their her dreams after all, so what does it matter if someone else thinks?

Reisei is a habitual liar, but in her defence, she has to be. She has to make up stories about who she is and who her parents are, why they're never around. It's not like she can tell people the truth, that she's a sailor senshi looking for her lost princess and her team mates and all of that. So she's made up a story about herself and presents it as the truth. She also has a habit of chewing gum. When she's not in school, she pretty much always has a piece in her mouth. She doesn't have a favourite flavour, but she loves to chew gum.


The only person she truly counts as being her friend is Kasui. To most people, she says that Tokeisou is also her friend, but she tends to treat her in a more polite and respectful manner rather than relaxed and friendly way she does with Kasui.

Why Halloween is her favourite:

Reisei is very fond of scary movies. She loves the scary movie marathons that pop up in October. When she first arrived on Earth to try and find her team mates, she initially wound up in North America. She was very confused by the holidays its people celebrated and was easily confused by their nuances. She thought Halloween was easy enough to celebrate. So, in an attempt to fit in, she got some candy to pass out and went to go get a costume. She was very startled to learn that certain costumes were designed for certain ages only. She had taken a liking to a certain one and was determined to wear something like it. So she put one together herself. While she was very pleased with herself and she very much likes her costume, she did get laughed at a bit for it. It wasn't long after that that she left and headed for Japan. Despite her initial difficulties, she still has the costume and she still celebrates the holiday even though the Japanese don't. Every Halloween she buys some candy, puts it on, and watches scary movies.

When someone in Japan asks her what her favourite holiday is, she tells them that it's Tanabata, the Japanese star festival. This is technically true, as it's her favourite Japanese holiday, but her first love will always be Halloween.

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Trying to draw this while getting con prep done in a week and a half was a nightmare. I fully admit that this is not my best work. This was nearly finished when the deadline was extended. This has happened to me with two contests now where the deadline has been extended after I've busted my ass to get a piece done on time and, to be honest, it's kinda irritating. Oh well. What can I do about it, right? I could go back in a tweak it but I really don't think I will since I've got other things to work on.

Irritation aside, this was a lot of fun. Trying tio figure out what Reisei would do for a holiday was interesting, and then I hit on this idea of misinterpreting holidays and ages of Halloween just seemed like something she'd do so I ran with it. i could have gone with darker shading for a spookier atmosphere, but this suited her costume better. She'd probably watch her scary movies with lots of lights on. Not because she's afraid of the dark

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