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Name: Antares Artemis Veleni
Age: 19 years
Date of Birth: October 23, 1482
CHA - 03
INT - 02
LUK - 09
PWR - 03
SPD - 03

Manipulative, Chronically Resentful, and Feisty

- Information Gathering (in form of manipulation)
- Gambling/Betting
- Choreography
- Investigation

Antares is a really passionate woman. Whether it's romance, revenge, or simply solving a puzzle, you know she's putting effort into it. She often seeks the truth and loathes it when people are hiding something from her. While she often figures what was hidden, she keeps her secrets locked by iron bars and chains. She's constantly observes others and judges them whether spoken out or kept to herself. She shall often use humor as a defense mechanism if they feel the need to shield their real emotions. She tends to hold grudges for long durations of time and is hard to forgive anyone at that point. When this occurs, her mind if filled with thoughts of revenge and anger towards her target and depending on how big the issue was to her heart, she will attempt to at least prove them wrong or get back at them. She can be either impatient or patient when dealing with certain things. Her patience is usually reserved for matters of the heart and information gathering as well as manipulation. Her impatience often rockets high up when it comes to being bored or if a serious line beyond the usual grudges has been crossed. She's hot headed and feisty. She will talk back or cut someone off if she feels like they're wrong and she's right. She's fortunately cautious with her lies as she worries people will see through her and tries to plan them out or avoid using them as much as possible. She experiences jealousy a lot and dislikes it if she's not being given affection nor attention. She does not like the feeling of being alone and usually has an inferiority complex, especially at those times of solitude. While she's capable of many things, she may procastinate too much or push issues off to the side to work on something else entirely. This doesn't necessarily mean she quits entirely though as she hates to admit anything about her giving up. She'll just reserve it for later. If one breaks a promise with her, she shall use it against them and chronically resent them. Her mind is clouded with thoughts of the world only being distinguished by black and white thinking that it's merely just one thing or another. This goes hand to hand with morality as well. She often thinks of herself as truly helping out others but can actually do the exact opposite. She has good intentions but not many will probably realize that. She denies many things about herself and usually sheds light onto her so her stories can be greatly exaggerated or barely true. She can be rather emotional and most definitely does not want to be viewed as "soft" by others. Her decisions may not be quite logical at times. She can be impulsive sometimes and will probably regret those choices. She's extremely curious and self-concious as well as conceited. She's extremely loyal if one is on her good side and can be generous as well. It typically takes a while for one to become friends with her as she doesn't trust easily. She is almost always suspicious of anything or anyone. She's open to adventure and new things but doesn't enjoy flings and wants stability in both love and money. She may seem like it, but she's not actually that greedy. Despite this though, she does want enough to live a comfortable life for a long time. Most of the time she relies on luck to push her through and it usually prevails. The only times she doesn't wear a energetic expression paired with some form of a smile or smirk is when she feels like she's doomed or not important or extremely serious in any other matter. She always strives to be the absolute best. At times, she can be very thoughtful which is why most of her plans usually don't just flop without the addition of luck. She can get a bit possessive or overcontrolling as well. When it's not dealing with her grudges, she usually won't be hostile unless necessary. If someone dares harms someone who is close to her or she thinks as a good friend, she may go berserk at that point and become more risky. Towards someone she intensely dislikes, she has difficulty being quiet to as she'll be too busy throwing insults. While she likes having control, she does not tolerate being forced to be controlled over. Even if it's someone she loves, she wants to have her independence no matter what. She can be extremely bitter and sarcastic as well as stubborn. A big point of her to say is that she's courageous and will be there for someone if they truly need her.

She was friends with thirteen other people and was basically in the same working group as them. She had a stable life financially and socially and somewhat of a romantic relationship. Two of them, Castor and Pollux had been letting their cousins sleep over and their car was stolen as the two females had driven away. Castor had come up to her and asked Antares with advice on what to do with this issue of lack of transportation. After a discussion, she had told him that the whole group would most likely pitch in when they couldn't take the bus or a taxi to work. That unfortunately was not the end of it as Pollux had picked up on Antares's frequent scheming mind on revenge after the incident. He talked to Antares about this and the details of his plan and she agreed that it might be a good idea and decided to give him some advice not knowing what she was getting into. He got his twin brother to reluctantly agree to get back at their cousins when the family reunion happened a month later. The twins caused great disorder and tumult to occur at it especially since it was at their house. While this was happening, Pollux kept watch while Castor stole a precious heirloom and hid it for escape. A scream was soon heard and the family rushed over and found the watching twin sprawled on the ground wide-eyed and with a large hole in his stomach covered with his blood. The authorities were called and she was instantly notified of this from a series of phone calls. She was among the suspects and was brought up as the prime suspect due to the authorities learning of her previous discussion and aid with the victim knowing she would've had the details of where he was at the time. When brought to court, our familiar bunny lawyer made an appearance. He presented her alibi and her lack of hair and prints on the scene and compared it to the possible motives, proof of being at the scene at the time of the murder, and absense of alibis among many of the people at the reunion. While she was proven innocent, her reputation dropped quite a bit outside of her group of friends. Her life is generally more gloomy and awkward with how Pollux's death greatly affected one of her friends who had been in a relationship with him and it created a chain of reactions from there. She finds herself feeling a bit guilty for agreeing with them to follow through with a revenge plan thinking it might've caused the whole murder to even happen in the first place. While she wasn't extremely close with the male, she was indeed close enough to get her to have huge conflicted feelings. The real culprit she does not know of since she didn't dare to look into this case too much was the twins' brother-in-law, Dioscuris who held two motives: one for the jealousy of the twins' closeness and the other for the fact they had attempted to steal their cousins' precious family heirloom. When given the letter, she goes there on her own volition as well as from fear of the threat. She realizes the new job oppurtunity could help with her interests and make her reputation higher but is afraid she'll get less time to hang out with her main group. She's also afraid of the chance of losing her life and would rather not chance that.

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