Aeolus Picture

Yesterday, ~callisto-chan found her site with that Wayback Machine thing, and we had fun last night looking around, mostly at some of my old sites that popped up there.

Anyway, I remember way back when when I first discovered her site Goddess Power!. I hated it right from the start, and I have never read a bit of the story. Why did I hate it, then? Well, I was sort of possesive about the name Sailor Aeolus. I thought I had been so creative finding the king of winds in the mythology book we were using in english (my freshman year in high hscool, I remember) that any story that had one was immediatedly hated by me. I looked at every one I could find, just to see if any of them looked like mine. (I was dissappointed. None of them did. I had so wanted to find someone with the same colors so I could claim they were copying me. I was...odd.)

In any case, I did end up drawing a picture of her Sailor Aeolus, because I figured I'd be nice. I don't know why, though. O.o So I thought today, hey, wouldn't it be fun to redraw her (I still hate her. I'm still very possessive about the name. Um, Knight Aeolus anyone? Yeah.), and then thought, hey, I should draw my version as well! My old verson, the one was had a unifrom so blatantly stolen form Super Sailor Moon. That'd be fun! So I did.

Then colored it with pencil because that's how I always colored things back when both were alive. Yay. lol

Only thing that's changed from the pic I did of her Sailor Aeolus back in 2002 and this picture is my drawing style, which has greatly improved. My coloring, although its gotten cleaner, is still basically the same. I've only improved in CGing, but that's ok.

Oh, and the blue one's name is Kazeno Shinzui (Spirit of Wind) while the purple one's Japanese name is Kihakuno Negumi (Mouse of Spirits...I had this thing where she was also the senshi of souls...her real name is Erin O'Colley, which I retired last year).

Sailor Aeolus/Kazeno Shinzui © Sailor Aeolus/Erin O'Colley ©
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