Finding Persephone Picture

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I never asked for this.

Before I start on this story, I must warn you, you may be one of me. If you are, close the window right now. Don’t risk your life. Believe what your mom and dad said about your birth and try to live a normal life.

If you think this story is fiction, I truly envy you. Living a normal life without worrying about demons, from gods know where, chasing you. But do you know what’s scarier?

They never die.

It’s horrifying, honestly. To know that monsters that try to kill me won’t ever die. They just reform—yeah, it takes a while, but you know what? That’s not the worst part of my life.

Wait, maybe I should introduce myself to you.

My name is Lee Donghae. I was born and raised in Mokpo by my mother and a tsukless walrus named Jae. I’m a kid that—somehow, in some way—got kicked out in every single school that I’ve been to, however, none of it has ever been my fault. I see things--scary things—that a normal teen shouldn’t be seeing. I’ve seen them ever since I was a child, monsters, demons, something. I just don’t know what they were—nor will I ever.

It wasn’t until recently did I figure out why I saw them.

I’m a demi-god; half blood to make it easier for anyone to understand.

You know, half god, half human. The 12 Olympians from Greek times still exist, and they still make children.

Look, I was never normal. I knew that. But I never knew that I was…That I was this abnormal.

Now, I have Ares (or Kangin, as he now calls himself) chasing me, telling me that I should give him back his dog and I have the gods blaming me that I kidnapped Persephone (hence the early winter).

Great, right? A kid with both ADHD and dyslexia has to try to find a kidnapped god or else the world will forever suffer in the winter.

Psh, no pressure.
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