The Death Card Picture

Brief description:

Repose standing in a barren (or recently tilled) field, her serene face is forward (anger and sorrow are visible at the immediate sides). She is robed and carries a black flag with a white rose emblazoned on it, the flag cuts into the air like a scythe. The shades of the departed surround her and there is a rising sun (or sunset) visible behind.

Mythology and Visual meaning:

Repose is the death figure for this mythical world, she isn't like other representations of death because she doesn't represent the act of being dead. Instead her physical appearance is hinged upon our own views of dying. She has five main faces that will spin into focus according to need, these are Serenity, Sorrow, Bliss, Terror and Anger. Many other faces lay dormant but can be brought forward at the need of those she shepherds. The face you will see in the act of dying is the way you see dying, so if you are afraid of death she will show you terror or anger, if you are at peace serenity or bliss will show up. These are just a few examples, there are so many variant emotions pinned on death as an act that Repose carried an untold number of faces to accommodate them.

The background is all meaning for the card, the death card is all about rebirth, so the barren/tilled field is an open field where the previous crop is gone but it's being prepared for the new growth to come. Same with the Sunrise/Sunset the end of the old day or beginning of the new day, both interpretations can be put on this one symbol depending upon how the person looking views the card. The flag with the white rose on black background also symbolizes rebirth, the white rose indicates purity and newness coming out of the black as a hard journey or even war leading to peace. Just like Reposes face turning to accommodate how you see death, each of these symbols can be interpreted differently depending upon your own outlook and how your reading of the card is influenced by surrounding cards.

Meaning: Major change leading to future growth, transformation, destruction followed by rebirth, involuntary change, hardship leading to growth and success.

Reverse Meaning: Inertia, lethargy, petrification, being stuck in old ways, hope destroyed, success thwarted by lack of motion, stagnancy.

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