Grimes Picture

This started off as another figure drawing, but then I drew the keyboard. So I just finished it
I actually did two pencils of this. The first one took about 10 minutes, and I used my mannequin (Stephen) to try and get everything right. But as soon as I put the brush down, I felt as if I had to get everything perfect. Which is not the right attitude for brush work, because there's just too many variables. So I did another pencil sketch without Stephens' help, which took about 4 minutes. The brush work took around 30 minutes, which is faster than any nib drawing I've done. The brush is more for spontaneity- she's an impatient mistress. The nib will wait for you.
Drawing people while they're focused on something is really strange, it's different from drawing staged shoots. In those, the performance comes from the model, rather than the artist. But in these more spontaneous photos, the subject doesn't perform in the same way.
Obviously the fact that I've chosen a music artist means it's just a different kind of performance, which complicates things.
I seriously don't understand drawing.

Again, the model is Grimes, aka Claire Boucher. I don't know where I got the photo from, it's just on my computer.

Drawing that triforce just makes me wanna do fan art again. Been playing Minish Cap on and off. I'm saddened by most recent zelda games. I think the last one I actually enjoyed was phantom hourglass. Spirit tracks was terrible. The dungeons and civilisations were typical- but typical in a zelda game were always going to be great, so that was the only thing keeping me playing. The traveling system was the thing that sunk the game for me. Games are about the illusion of choice and agency- and the travel system offered neither. It just seemed like half of a better game.
I don't know anyone who liked skyward sword, either. I loved the art style and the new mythology, but it was a chore to play. Everything seemed encased in cutscenes, loading screens, flying sections, and link running out of stamina- because being able to dash indeterminately was OP or something. I wouldn't mind if they'd thrown out the central-hub overworld idea, if they'd just make everything interconnected somehow. It might seem like a little thing, but the fetch-quests and backtracking are made even more tedious with all the bullshit in between.
I haven't played the newest game, but I'm wary of it since it uses the same overworld as LTTP. But I'm willing to let it surprise me

ok, i should probably just write this essay now- it's not going away no matter how much i bitch
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