Godfall: The Big Three Picture

The Big Three are the first and most powerful members of Security Combat and Rescue, or S.C.A.R. They are an unlikely team, but when they work together, they can move mountains, tame seas, even defeat Gods! Their back stories are as follows:

Lightning Man: Hailing from Baltimore, Joseph Striker was an ordinary kid, graduating from High School with a 3.7 GPA, he was about the smartest kid in the school. But despite his smarts, all he really wanted were friends. He found employment at GearCorp, working for the Megalomaniac Peter Gillard. All was normal, until one of his experiments went haywire, releasing a strange bolt of unusual energy, ultimately striking Joseph in the chest, knocking him unconscious. But when he woke, he realized he was granted the strength, speed, and power of a bolt of lightning! Now, he flies through the sky, protecting the innocent citizens as the masked superhero Lightning Man!

The Phantom: Hailing from Furo City, the young Flynn Redline grew up on the rough part of town, facing problems not only at school, but as home as well. His father left at an early age, and his mother beat him regularly. Bullies only made it worse at school. At the early age of 12, he ran away from his home to toughen up. That's where he found Leland Ravensdale, a British exchange student who ran away as well. Together, they were recruited into S.C.A.R. as espionage agents. After a while, they had to investigate an assassination chain, who turned out to be Leland himself. After mastering several forms of Martial Arts, and becoming a tactical genius, he ultimately defeated Leland and banished him from Furo City. Now, he patrols the night as the fearsome figure of The Phantom!

Conjurer: Hailing from Wizard City, Lucius Drake was raised by the loving couple Sylvia and Malistaire Drake. Until the fateful day when Sylvia Drake was poisoned be and unknown sickness, ending tragically in Sylvia's death. Driven to bring his wife back, Malistaire was a master in the art of Death Magic, or Necromancy, and repeatedly attempted to bring back his loving spouse. Eventually driven mad, the Necromancer became violent, and attempted to kill his son. For Lucius' safety, Malistaire's brother, Cyrus Drake placed him on Earth until he becomes ready to attend Ravenwood Academy of the Magical Arts, and ultimately defeat his crazy father. Teamed with other magic users, Lucius has the ability to summon mythological monster to aid him, as well as crating mythic fire. He now protects Earth and The Spiral as the fearless Conjurer!

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