Lilith My Sister Picture

Last spring I did some reading on the mythological figure of Lilith, and came away utterly amazed -- in a really good way -- at how this ancient Assyrian demoness has emerged as an icon of modern identity. I did this WP as sort of an ironic, tongue-in-cheek tribute not so much to Lilith herself, as to the many new roles she has taken on in this crazy post-modern world of ours. Alas, the original WP contained a "tainted" stock image to which the original DA Stock Artist didn't really own the rights ... I'm sure you know the rest of the story by now. But I really liked the WP, as an expression of my feelings towards the "fluff-bunny" currents in modern esotericism, so here is the revised WP, containing an even better stock photo by the talented DeviousElite-Stock!

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Attention Wallpaper Lovers:

Wallpapers get a lot of downloads, but they seldom get very many comments. If you like a wallpaper (by me or anyone else), please please please give it a fave, and leave a comment saying why you like it! And if you don't like it, tell us why! This is very important to those of us who make the wallpapers you download, and not just for reasons of ego-gratification. Some people think of wallpapers as so-much eye-candy ... but they are so much more also. Since you download it onto your desktop, a wallpaper can be a very personal choice, as it is something that stares back at you from your monitor everytime you start your computer. The production of decent wallpapers, like any other kind of art, requires feedback, comments and criticism! So much for my rant ... enjoy the wallpapers, and say something, damnit!!!

Attention Digital Artists:

Have you thought about posting some of your work as wallpapers? The DA community is very much about exploring avenues for creating digital art that is more than "just" eye-candy. But, sometimes, it's fun to remember that art can be as much about function as form, and one of the most traditional ~practical~ uses of digital art is as wallpapers. You might enjoy making and sharing wallpapers that, hopefully, look good and yet make the viewer stop and think for a second, or at the very least do a double-take. You might appreciate the challenge of creating a personal system of syntagmatics that successfully presents complex issues in a "pop-art" medium that tends to be highly iconic in nature. Finally, you might feel a sense of mission in working in a DA genre that really hasn't fully evolved beyond the representation of eye-candy as art. Anyways, think about it ...
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