Total Time: Few Days

I somehow wound up drawing what I think is a Beautiful-Grecian-Roman

I suspect that is a combination of images from my Encyclopedia
of Mythology, Waaaaaayyyyy tooooo much chibirisuchan, me
simply going with something to see where it goes, and
the possibility that there is Crack in my food or on my mind.

Its that or my mind is occupied, and I am scared
of whats sitting in there.

This was yet another drawing that.....Clicked.
It was also meant to be Nauroth, damn it.
*Head Desk*

This, like so many other women, started out as
a circle that was alright, a pair of shoulders I could
live with, and a very impressive rack, leading down to
a decent abdomen-apex of thighs region.

I didnt really wanna draw another mermaid, so I figured
"Ah, what the hell, why not try some tentacles?" So I sketched
in a few, and hey! They are kind of coming out really cool.

So I added a few more.
I didnt like the placement of her hand, that I had taken from my
reference, and I erased it.

I hemmed and haaed for a bit, and then put her arm up.

I made her form as best as I could, and then I simply just started

The theory was to play with it, and edit as I go.

I started down at her Tentacles, making them look somewhat animated and
lively. I then moved on to her dress. I made a ruffle shirt at her bust, but it displeased me
and I erased it. I fiddled and erased and sketched and picked and eventually, I got her dress in
which clicked, and then her keyblade/trident thingy, and then the pattern on her dress, the patterns
on her armbands, her slave bracelet, her earrings, her star clips, her earrings and all of the little
details were hemmed and haaed and picked and erased and redrawn and picked at until
I was pleased.

The way she is posed makes me think of Summoner Yuna Summoning for some reason.
Hence her really long Title:

Beautiful-Grecian-Roman -Vyrkie-Keyblade-Type-Weapon-Weilding-Tentacle-Summoning-Woman.
See if you can say that twelve times fast.
I am actually rather pleased with her face, despite the fact that her eyes are Closed.
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