Aros + Bryd Picture

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I won't bother boring everyone with the Corruption Scarring. Will probably write that up when I have Cassius drawn since he's Lost a friggin' eye to it!

Both characters are from pretty different cultures, originate from pretty different environments so hopefully that explains a teeny tiny bit.

Her name is pronounced 'Bride'. She was jack of it by the time she was six. She's a Fey Magi, who's Draw Creature is some sort of Lightning Bird.
Bryd herself is somewhat odd to understand because she's curious about other societies and will usually approach people in how she knows 'their people' usually act or respond, which is actually quite different between cultures.
A good example is how she appears to go out of her way to communicate with Aros, which most people either never try or become too frustrated with.

Fey Magi
Fey Magi draw energy from apparently mythological and folkloric creatures in the world this story is set in - And no, they don't summon cute little things or random beasts, it's purely power/energy/magic/whatever.
Fey Magi is a term for the whole race despite the fact that only girls have the ability, and the fact that they're primarily more warriors than spell casters half the time.
Fey Magi usually stay in large communities and, in contrast to the ever moving Imperials, will settle for many generations in one area. The only members of the community to really move around are traders and knights.
Their culture is primarily based upon passed on knowledge from elders and the people around one's self. They're generally laid-back, inquisitive and hard to rile up unless you know what buttons to push.
Bryd explains that in her culture, fathers are the ones who name their children. She's somewhat peeved and adds the statement of "I'm sure it was dad's way of asking me not to be a fighter. Hasn't worked so far."

He is a Venin-Itos-Cor-Poiz (NON-SENSE AND HYPHENS
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