Ean {Reference sheet} Picture

chaucala's need a religion too, i guess

Name:: Ean (referred to as Éan or Bird in older scriptures)
Gender:: male
Type:: Chaucala (mythological)
According to the mythes of the Chaucala's, Ean was born as one of the youngest members of The Troop. He grew up in a small group of friends, which grew as he got older. By this group he was seen as a wise figure. Ean was a very intelligent and leader-like Chaucala. He was dedicated, but calm. One day, the daughter of a new member got envy towards him. She wanted to be respected and trusted and did not like the fact that he already had this role. She figured out Ean was part of The Troop and lured him into a trap when he returned from a meeting. She told him a member of his family was in danger near the cliffs. He immediately went there, but slipped on the rocks and fell down. His tail and left paws were paralyzed, but he managed to get himself to the safety of his cave by crouching on his right side. His friends were shocked, just like the young female who assumed he was dead. She got found out and exiled after a harsh punishment. But Ean was still injured, ofcourse. For almost year he just layed in his cave, leading his friends but not moving. After a while everyone began to notice something strange. He had eaten some of the Regenpampo plant during the time he was paralyzed, and strangely enough, big parts of thin, strong skin had begun to grow between his forepaws and hind legs. One day, he dragged himself outside to the same cliffs he had fallen from months ago. His friends ran after him to warn him, but at the moment he slipped again he put out his forepaws as if they were wings. He was taken upwards by the wind and flew over the landscape. His friends watched in amazement. He was the first one of The Troop that was able to fly.

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