Adam Marks: The Key WIP 2 Picture

What hoe?!
Miles is letting you peek under the cover?
Oh, yes. That's right. xD You're finally seeing some actually promo work for my comicbook.
Well...Work in progress, anyway.

I'm finally showing a little more about the story. *GASP*
I've been keeping this story so tightly underwraps even I'm shocked I'm willing to post this sucker. xD
Sad thing is, it started out as a practice painting...but, I'm liking it too much not to post it. ><''

It's far from finished...but, I figured I'd post the progress thus far. >__> As this POS is taking a VERY long time to color. ><'''


This piece is of Adam Marks, my main character. And he's showing off the 'Mirrors' part of the title.
The image is pretty close to the feel I'd like to give to the scene. Naturally, the feel isn't complete...but, neither is the image. xD
So, there. Lol

But, still...ENJOY!


Anywhoo, just because it's not finished doesn't mean you can't let me know what you think. ^^ I always love a good critique.

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