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♠ Name: Anastasia Mystic Nightshade
♠ Age: Looks to be around 18, actual age is around 3,000 years old. (Let's say 3,513 years.)
♠ Nickname: Ana, An, Tragedy
♠ Aliases: Tragedy's Queen, Queen of Catastrophe, Soul Reaper
♠ Gender: Female
♠ Sexuality: Bisexual
♠ Relationship Status: Single
♠ Height: 5'9
♠ Birthday: December 13
♠ Weight: 104 lbs (I dun fecking know. I put a random one. Lol)
♠ Hair color: Sapphire when in normal form, dark navy blue with black streaks when in psycho form.
♠ Eye color: Sapphire, black with sapphire slits when in psycho form.
♠ Species: Soul Demon / sorceress
♠ Likes: Magic, mythology, meeting new friends, wolves, the night, quiet, peace, romance stories, reading, her favorite scent is lavender, roses, helping others, other stuff.
♠ Dislikes: Violence, the evil in the world (Ironic with her being a demon), sadness (Yetshe'sTragedy'sQueen), hurting others, seeing others hurt, annoying pricks, religious assholes(The ones that get pissy if you don't believe what they do), etc.
♠ Personality: Anastasia is a quiet, solitary young lady. She's very wise because she has lived for over three thousand years. She has seen societies crumble and others evolve... In some cases, devolve. Ana doesn't like to allow many into her life due to the fact they will eventually die and she will live. She is an immortal after all. Of course, she has her weaknesses and such, so she can be killed. But since she causes no trouble, no one tries. She has escaped death a few times though. Not literally died and come back though. She got help before it was too late.
An is a peaceful, nonviolent demon. Yes, she can fight. In fact, she's an excellent fighter, but she prefers not to unless it must happen. She's fought many times throughout her many years of life. Ana tries to avoid fighting though, trying to talk things out at first. She does get violent when aggravated, but she hates the thought of killing. Blair(her psycho form's name), on the hand, wouldn't mind killing. She'd love to kill as much as possible.
This demon female can be a bit shy. She isn't used to being complimented and such, so she may and blush and stutter when being told she has a pretty voice or something. She's also a very motherly woman. Ana has a soft spot for kids and animals. Sometimes, she takes a lucky one to treat as her very own apprentice. She teaches them magic and sorcery, like her mother did with her. Ana never stopped studying magic and sorcery. It had always interested, even when she was a little girl. Ana loved creating things and such. It amazed her what could happen if you knew the right spell. When it comes to animals, Ana always tries to help them. If they're injured, hungry, any of that, she'll try her best to help them.
Ana still has somewhat a child-like wonder, mainly for magic/sorcery. She loves learning new things, especially if it may help others in the process. Despite all the cruelty and hatred she has seen throughout the years, Anastasia still loves to help as much as possible. She is a hopeful girl, indeed. Being as hopeful as she is, it is a flaw and somewhat of a weakness. She gets her hopes up too high and watches them all tumble down once someone slaps her with reality. She's a music lover and loves to sing despite having bad memories.
She's a bit sensitive and kind. She isn't like the stereotypical demon, causing chaos and terror wherever she goes and such. Oh, no. Definitely not what Ana does. She hates the idea of it. Hurting others for entertainment? That is so cruel to her. She only wishes to help people, not hurt them. But, being a demon as mentioned, she gets tagged with the stereotypes and shunned a lot. It never gets easier to be shunned. But, Ana lives with it and eventually moves on.
♠ Appearance: Anastasia stands at 5'9 and weighs 104 pounds. She has pale, gray tinted skin. Her eyes are a beautiful sapphire color. She looks to be around the age of eighteen, yet she is over three thousand years old. Her hair is also a sapphire color and it goes a bit past her shoulders. Her normal/main outfit is a blue bra with a black ribbon in the middle, black and blue shorts, a long, black jacket with blue markings and a ace of spades symbol on each of the sleeves. She wears long, black and blue boots. She has a black tail with a blue heart at the tip of it. Anastasia also has two little, black horns. Her teeth are razor sharp too. She has bat-like, black and blue wings as well which she keeps hidden until needed. She has purple markings around her stomach. She also has a choker and connected to it is a black chain with a circular, sapphire gem. It's her Soul Stone.
In "psycho form", Anastasia's hair turns from its normal, lovely sapphire color to a dark, navy blue with black streaks. Her eyes become black holes with sapphire slits filled chaotic insanity and murderous intents. Her tail grows thorns along it and her horns become larger. She no longer wears her jacket in this form. Her markings become stitches with swirl-like patterns here and there.
♠ Abilities and Other Info
♠ Abilities/Powers
❥ Illusion
Ana can create illusions of a lot of things. The more complex they are, the more power it takes from her. They can do actual damage, but not like the real thing can. Example: A lion attacking the opponent. The opponent is not mauled to death, but it will leave a few cuts and such.
❥ Magic and Sorcery
As a young girl, Ana's mother had taught her the ways of a sorceress. Anastasia immediately fell in love with it and studied hard master new spells. Even after her mother's supposed death(She didn't actually see her die. She doesn't know if she's dead or alive), she carried on learning about sorcery and magic. She has become quite good with it and can use it well now. Certain spells call for certain amounts of energy though.
❥ Shape Shift
Ana has some other forms beside her psycho one. She can shift into mist, making it easy to slip by. But, it is a temporary shift. Anastasia can mainly only turn into mist and animals.
❥ Elemental Control
This demon has elemental control, but it is limited. She has full control over the elements of darkness though. She has some control over other elements. Darkness doesn't take as much energy like the others because she was born with the element of darkness at her disposal. She's close to mastering ice/water.
❥ Manifestation
She can create things with her demon power. This takes a shit ton of power from her, so she rarely uses this ability.
❥ Animal Talk
Anastasia, over the years, has learned to speak to and understand animals. Her demon instincts allow her to somehow. This helps her see what she can do to help animals.
❥ Poison
She has the ability to activate a lethal venom in her tail and her teeth. The higher the amount she allows, the chance of death grows. If she uses a full dose of venom, it will kill the victim. It slowly shuts down their systems and kills them in the matter of minutes or hours depending on what the victim is. If human, it will kill in only a few minutes.
❥ Super Sensory
Anastasia can sense the presence of others. A lot of the time, she can also tell what they are.
❥ Soul Reaper
One an enemy is beaten by her and are evil, she traps their soul in the gem she always wears around her neck. Being a "Soul Demon", she eats souls. But, she can live without them. The souls make her a bit stronger though.

♠Zaria the Demon Wolf
❥ Zaria was a demon warrior before she was trapped in the body of the wolf. She was a strong warrior too. But, when she died, her spirit was put into the body of a wolf. Zaria had found Anastasia in the forest, crying for her mother to come for her. The demon wolf took Ana in and helped her survive. She had become her guardian. A guardian to a demon is a spirit who is there to protect and help that demon throughout their life. Ever since Zaria found Ana, they became inseparable. Not because of the guardian bond, but because they had become close friends, almost like a mother-daughter relationship. Zaria never had the chance to have her own children, so Ana was a gift to her. Now, this demon warrior wolf is extremely protective over her demon and goes any where Ana goes. Zaria doesn't like to leave Anastasia all by herself.

♠ Her Weapons
❥ Her pocket knife
Nothing special about it, really.
What it looks like:…
❥ Demon's Blue Blaze
Demon's Blue Blaze is a katana made by the hands of a demon swords maker. When in her psycho form, Anastasia's sword becomes black with ghostly, bright blue flames around it. This is where it gets the name "Blue Blaze."
What it looks like:…
♠Psycho Form
Anastasia's Psycho Form is known as Blair. Blair is a power hungry, psycho bitch. She has no sympathy or care at all. All she wants is to kill, kill, kill. She loves the thought of being the ruler of the world and make humans suffer for their stupidity. Blair loves the sight of bloodshed and will do anything to cause it. She's completely insane and will destroy anything in her path.
♠ Soul Demons
❥ Soul Demons are demons who feast off the souls of their fallen enemies. With these souls, they grow greater in power. Each Soul Demon has a gem known as their "Soul Gem." They keep the souls they collect in that gem. They are always seen with it. Soul Gems look like completely normal gems though, so you must be careful.
♠The Tragic Queen's Past…

♠ Facts
❥ Anastasia has a soft spot for sweets, kids, and animals.
❥ Favorite animal is wolves.
❥ She'll only make you her apprentice if she likes you.
❥ She loves to sing.
❥ Her favorite colors are black and blue if you hadn't noticed..
❥ When embarrassed, she hides her face in her hood.
❥ Anastasia prefers the night over the day.
❥ It's easy to make her blush.
❥ She thinks of Zaria as a second motherly figure.
❥ As a child, she performed in a circus. Her main act was singing.
❥ She hates being disturbed when she is reading.
❥ She actually hates being a demon.
❥ Can talk to Blair in her head.


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