Tygre Species Refrence_ MacTire Picture

Species: Tygre Canis tygres Heraldii
Coat Colors: They can be any colour of canines and felines, wild or domesticated. Though Domestic colours signify that the individual is born from tamed parents. These individuals are thus genrally more docile than wild-caught Tygres.
Pups inherit realistic genetics, or at the very least a mixture of colors/markings from their lineage.
Manes and tufts: The Tygre may have any colour mane or tufts, though red tones(and thus mixes of reds) are reserved for relitives of MacTire,* add a : kitty : thus no pure reds are allowed without my okay. “Dilutes” (purples/oranges/ect.) can throw grayish or brownish-pink but not actual reds.
They may also be the colour of the coat in some cases.
eyes: Any color of a natural canid/felid but the “whites” are always yellow and their eyes glow golden-yellow in the dark. The eye colours of pups must be related to their lineage.
Unnatural Coats/markings/colours: Not allowed at present (If you would like one please note me and we can discuss a custom, but these will be soully made-by-me and given out, thanks)
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