Pygmalion's Retrebution Picture

Okay so I suck at drawing bird cages on photoshop and I stink a drawing totem poles. The one here is actually from the series.

The title I got the idea after re reading Pymalion in greek mythology. In a way, Dingo is trying to bring the life back into Adeline's eyes just as Pymalion hoped to bring life to his sculpture.

Anyways Addy is supposed to represent the doll from Dingo's past that his mom owned only older. Dingo I bascially went through alot of books to come up with an idea for native american outfits.

So here's a cookie... good luck reading this very long story (Hey at least theres a fighting scene to keep you busy.)

Dingo, Netto, Jasmine, Tomahawkman, Rockman, Medi, Tesla, Charlie, Gyroman, Magnetman, Shanka, Haruka (c) capcom

Addy, Dizzy, Dingo's mom, Addy's late mother, Mr. Wrideworth, Bulldozerman (c)
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