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Angra-ahriman Azathallion


• The Sultan of Nuclear Winters
• The Blind Idiot of Irradiated Destruction
• Nuclear Holocaust Incarnate
• The Mad Irradiated God
• Nuclear Death
• Stallion of the Apocalypse
• The Great Demon God of Nuclear Chaos
• The Supernova Demon God
• The Slumbering Nuclear Reactor
Cancer Giver
• Flesh and Tissue Burner
• The Black Rain Lord
• Harbinger of Nuclear Blight
• World Poisoner
• Sower of Mushroom Cloud Forests


In the far off distant past, before the Three Great Demon God Brothers ever earned their distinctions as Great Demon Gods, there were others who bore the fearful title. Among those few to have been fearfully entitled as Great Demon God, there was an ancient demonic being whose power greatly surpassed the rest. His power was so great that he was akin to that of a supernova. He was so powerful that no other Demon God compared to him as evident by his massive size which practically dwarfed the rest. In fact, he was almost as powerful as a Titan. Only the father of the Three Great Demon God Brothers was greater than him as such a creature was something much more fearful to be simply called a Great Demon God. Nonetheless though, the ancient demonic being was just as terrifying as the father of those three brothers. That terrifying and ancient demonic being of the past was none other than Angra-ahriman Azathallion.

Angra-ahriman Azathallion is an ancient massive clam stallion Demon God from the far off distant past. Known by different names, he was renowned for his radiation based powers. He is capable of producing nigh infinite amounts of radiation from his body. So much so that he can kill billions in a small galaxy simply by being in the general area. In fact, he can cause several world altering radiation based catastrophes on any planet he is on just by standing still and letting the energy produced from his body alone do the job. Normally that alone would make him enough of a threat, however the extent of how truly dangerous he was went way much further than that. Being a Demon God, he was a cruel and malevolent being. As such in the past, he would use his powers to do the most wretched of things whenever he could. The most horrid and powerful of such acts were creating massive supernova-sized explosions that would irradiate and kill off entire galaxies.

Despite all his power though, the great Azathallion was not without his faults as was the norm among demons like him. In fact due to these faults, he was often underestimated by many lesser races who didn't really know how truly terrifying he was. His most defining fault was that he was a blind idiot. He was literally blind and a complete idiot on a monumental scale. As such, while he was capable of the most horrid of deeds, he was incapable of having a clear vision of what to do both literally and figuratively. He would often go around the universe like a raving lunatic doing whatever crap he could do. In fact, most of the serious things he did were not acts of preordained planning or of genuine malevolence so to speak. There were simply the unintended consequences of a completely delusional individual. He was basically like a crazy blind man that roamed into a china shop breaking stuff and being an inconvenience to everyone around him. While many ignorant races simply saw him as that, an inconvenience, those who knew better saw him as much worse. They saw him more like a completely disturbed and unstable individual armed with a gun in an otherwise peaceful community.

Despite how much of a threat he truly was, he was still seen as somewhat just an inconvenience even among those who knew better. This was because of Azathallion's other defining fault. When he was not roaming around the universe like the blind idiot that he was, he was usually standing still in apparent sleep for long periods of time. These periods often lasted from hundreds of years to several millennia. In fact, the times in which he was like this were disproportionately more than the times in which he moved. The shortest time he was up and about was for half an hour and that was between a fifty five thousand year period of motionlessness and a thirty thousand one. Though he still produced harmful radiations to whatever planet he slept on as well on to other celestial bodies around him, such long periods of apparent slumber however meant that several precautions could be made in the meantime.

Though why Azathallion apparently slept so much in the first place was a question most who first learn about him always ask, the answer is something that is widely known throughout the universe, and it had less to do with him being actually tired. The reality of it all is that he is apparently such an idiot that sometimes he doesn't know that he is supposed to act awake when he is awake. In other words, he sometimes just lies perfectly still as if asleep while being completely awake just because he is too stupid to realize he is actually awake. Though he himself has attested he does this because he is blind and thus incapable of telling when he is actually asleep or not, those who are actually blind like him and those who aren't both find his reasoning to be really stupid if not offensive. Moreso considering that not only was he born blind to begin with and thus should know better, but his body is actually littered with primitive microscopic light and motion sensitive organs. These organs, while they can't be called eyes in the purest sense since they don't provide actual sight, function pretty much like eyes especially when he is awake. Azathallion is that much of an idiot.

Though Azathallion's reason for sleeping or rather appearing to sleep so much maybe downright stupid, it did however contain a bit of horror. As it was hard to tell whether he was genuinely asleep or just being too stupid to know that he is actually awake, it meant that doing things around him whenever he supposedly slept, such as evacuating refugees or making necessary precautions, was made way more riskier. It meant that anyone could not just simply do things silently as they would do normally around a slumbering beast. They had to be extra careful as he might actually be fully awake, his mind fully aware of everything except for his own idiocy. If care was not taken, he could either be awoken or made to realize his own folly. Making the Great Demon God start to move again was a really a bad thing, especially considering the first thing that happens whenever he does so. Whenever he awakens or realizes he is actually awake, the first thing he always does is set off a massive explosion of highly deadly radiation with himself as the epicenter. These explosions that he always creates upon moving again are so large that they can engulf a medium-sized solar system. Though these explosions are spaced apart from one another, they rightfully remind everyone every time that he was still a dangerous entity in spite of being a complete idiot.

Because of how much of threat he was, many both noble and vile feared Azathallion. However, he had so much power that fighting against him was nearly impossible. Much worse, he was the type that one should really not provoke. Those mortals and low level immortals who were foolish enough to attempt this were completely erased except for their shadowy outlines permanently scarred upon the land that forever depict their demise at Azathallion's nuclear might. Fortunately though, due to his idiocy and various faults, he could easily be circumvented around. He could easily be led to the farthest and most desolate corners of the universe, and whole galaxies could be evacuated from his path if given enough time and resources. Thus for the longest time, he was treated more like a force of nature that one should just accept and take shelter from rather than fight outright against. That was until the Titanomachy happened.

When the primordial war happened, Azathallion like all the rest was forced by the father of the Three Great Demon God Brothers to go on a complete and unbiased rampage to destroy everything in the universe. However unlike most of the rabble who just followed the abomination's order completely out of fear or obedience, Azathallion leaped at the order in complete acceptance and malice. As a matter of fact, he was probably the only one to do so. In what was probably the very first time ever that the Great Demon God stopped being simply a blind idiot, Azathallion started destroying things in a completely focused and systematic manner rather than in a random idiotic way. In fact as a sign that he was completely focused on the order at hand, he did not ever once fell asleep like he usually did during the war.

With his unparallelled radioactive powers and focused determination during the primordial war, Azathallion caused so much wanton destruction that he became one of the major contributors in the madness that was the war alongside others such as Vultorturous. While why he was so uncharacteristically non-idiotic doing so in the first place bugged many, it was clear though that he could no longer be taken lightly. He had to be stopped no matter the cost and though going against him would be like an ant trying to stop a super typhoon even from a God's standpoint, considering what else was happening in the war, it really didn't matter. After what seemed like forever, Azathallion was finally defeated and imprisoned alongside the last to fall in the war. However despite him being defeated, the damage he caused was truly immense.

Azathallion had caused so much destruction that he permanently embedded in the minds of all why he was called a Great Demon God in the first place, like a nuclear created shadow outline forever burnt into their very souls. No one nor any of their descendants would ever again see him as simply an inconvenience because of what he did in the Titanomachy. In fact because of what he did, a legend was even made up by surviving races that the reason people can see the night sky so clearly is because the residual light of the powers he discharged in the war long ago has not yet faded. This legend while unfounded is a tale to forever remind people of Azathallion's might.

Somewhat in conjunction with the legend also, there is also an unfounded rumor that he was not actually defeated and imprisoned but is actually once again sleeping motionless like he did so often in the far off distant past. If he were to awaken again, he would once again cause a large explosion. However because of all those untold millennia he has been asleep, all that pent up energy that he has gathered within him though would instead result in an explosion similar to the Big Bang if not more. This is completely unfounded as any knowledgeable God would tell anyone. Regardless that doesn't stop extremely paranoid cultists from believing and all thanks to what Angra-ahriman Azathallion did in the long forgotten past.


• Was inspired by some descriptions about the Outer God from the Cthulhu Mythos, Azathoth. Part of his name was also based on the eldritch abomination's.
• The other part of his name was based on the evil Persian god Angra Mainyu/Ahriman.
• For a quick idea of how big he is compared to other regular Demon Gods, the 263th chapter of Toriko can be used as a comparison. Akgrizzleos, the Great Demon God who is bigger than a Manosaurus, could be compared to the Thunderous Devil from that chapter. Azathallion here on the other hand, could be compared to the Ficasdaltonphant, aka the Cthulhu-phant, from the same chapter.
• His "legs" are based on nudibranchs.
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